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Yes, another flea thread...

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Yeah, I know. "Do a search".

This may have a unique twist to it, though.

I'm always in "panic mode" after I've been messing with my strays, fearing I'm bringing fleas into the house. Granted, the strays are treated as well, but hey, always a possibility of that one sensing imminent danger on the kitty and leaping onto your pant leg, eh?

Should I be treating mine anyway? Probably. I'll admit it. But if I treat one, I treat five, and, well...I'll let you do the math. Thus far I've been incredibly lucky, and as doting (read: paranoid, OCD, etc) as I am with them, I'd catch fleas pretty early. So to speak.

But anyway. I was thinking, if you were to have a flea problem, and you treated your kitties, what do you think about, say, 15 days after the treatment (since it would be at its lowest point in the bloodstream between applications), lightly spritzing your carpet with the Frontline spray. And yes, I mean lightly. It's so much less concentrated than the neck application, it seems it could still have some benefit without harming your cats. Perhaps?

Or maybe it would have no benefit whatsoever, in such a light dose.

I've used carpet/upholstery flea treatment spray before, and it was rancid, and I'd just as soon not go that route again.

I realize you're not supposed to give any more flea treatment than is prescribed, but then, maybe using the upholstery spray was also a bad idea, when used in conjunction with their individual treatments.

I'm not currently doing this, but I've always wondered about the possible benefit. Thoughts?
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Honestly, I would not use any flea spray. I would buy some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle that into my carpeting and furniture.
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I wouldn't use the frontline spray on the carpet, truthfully. IMO, it works nowhere near as good as the topical. We've had shelter fosters try it when they had a flea infestation (thanks to the fosters having fleas ).

I would try the Diatomaceous earth, as suggested. Last ditch resort, I sprinkled borax into my carpets (had to keep the pets off the floor for a few hours, though).
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