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Well everyone, I'm on my way to a full all out breakdown myself!

I slept with her in her room again (it is now, by the way 5am) she woke me up every few hours, going in her box crying, then coming out. Then getting terribly restless, then sleeping. Then again, going in her box, crying, then we had a bit of a "jack-in-the-box" situation where she was in and out every few seconds. Then she lay down on the floor again. Then about 20mins ago she had a litter box attack, where the whole of the litter ended up on the floor spread around the entire room, then she cried. Then she lay down again on the floor crying, then she slept...

Just came back to finish this because had to go calm her down because she was banging on the door for me again, and as soon as I got in there she was on her back, tummy asking to be rubbed. I'm beginning to think I'm imagining everything and she's never going to have these kittens!!!

Oh well, I can always sleep later!
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I know the feeling!! but I am letting Princey walk around the house.. than I check on her this point I am thinking this is all a dream and shes not preggo LOL!!!
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I know what you mean, I keep thinking I must be hallucinating!!! I notice every change, it's madness!!! Her belly has dropped so much now and she seems all ready but they just aren't coming!!

Unfortunately, according to the vet, I have to keep her in her room because of Stevie, but they're like Romeo and Juliet, he's really pining for her! It is soooooo hard, my heart breaks, it really does.
Surely it has to be soon?

Please God!!
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I feel your pain! LOL
Princeys tummy dropped a few weeks ago in the middle but still not as of yet near "that" area..
Shes eating like a horse.. and has No signs of labor... I hate this! LOL
This is so Nerve wrecking!!!

I hope your kitty has her babies soon!! mine too LOL!!! Wouldnt it be cute if they had them the same day?? LOL!!

How many are you expecting?

As Soon As my babies, babies are born I am heading to the dollar store and getting kitty collars Its Ok for now.. I dont have much money on me LOL..

When they get older I'll do the expensive stuff LOL

Whats your babies coloring? ( sorry if you've said it before my memory sucks ! LOL) Mines a Tortie.. as you can see in my siggy and Avatar LOL but that was her a year ago when she was a few months old

Do you have names picked out?

Lets converse it'll pass the time...
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Well, the bit of her tummy at the back in THAT area ( I love that you used that term, I'm never really comfortable using words like vulva or whatever...sounds too technical I guess)is all saggy now and lumpy (getting really technical there eh? LOL) and her actual BITS have all bunched up furry skin on either side and at the bottom and she seems quite swollen there, so...what does that mean? Because she's been gradually gaining skin and swelling there for the last day and a half. It's funny but I have been going over and over the signs of labour and they all fit the first stage, (although she is still eating but I heard that some cats do anyway)which would mean she's been at this stage for at least a full day, although I think it's actually a bit longer, since not last night but the evening before. Oh, I don't know I feel really useless and unknowledgable, but what can I do? Just wait.

Misty is a slim little black, shorthaired, no pedigree but she does have a siamese-type slim face. Her colour is really beautiful, she has rings of chocolate brown threading through her black, which you can only see when she's in sunlight or strong indoor light.

I think she may be expecting around 4 little ones, but I'm only going by feeling them move in her tummy. When I spread my hand on her belly, I feel them move in about four separate places, sometimes at the same time. One of them feels really low down now, near THAT area (LOL).

What about you? How many for your darling? Do you know what the father looks like at all? Because, I think she mated with the cat I have, Stevie, I got them at the same time from the same place, a sanctuary type woman who found them together in a bag, so maybe they're brother and sister. He's black and white and much more fluffy than her - so the kittens should be absolutely beautiful!!
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wow.. enjoying reading what linka and misty have been through in the past few days. hopefully today is THE DAY!..looking forward to the update.
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Take some advice from some one who's furrbaby just had 5 of em. 1st off she obviously wants you to be around when she gives birth. My baby girl did the exact same thing. Second, wach for blood spotting around the house... when you see slight blood spotting, thats a sure sighn that it'll be under 5 days. About how far along is she? And what are you feeding her for cat food?
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Hey Salem, come on over to our new "expectant moms" thread and help us out. There are several of us out there expecting and need to know what to watch for.

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Salem, She's had tiny amounts of blood on her vulva for quite a few days now and everything down there is enlarged, my vet seemed to think she came into stage 1 not last night but the night before, he said that if it doesn't happen tonight then to call him in the morning.

I've been feeding her kitten food for about 4-5 weeks now, bless her.
She's really restless today, as she was yesterday, and there's definate nesting going on, so let's be hopeful. She's had milk since Monday as well, and her abdomen's dropped, so apparently everything's ready.

I HSTE the wait though!
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What about you? How many for your darling? Well Im thinking 5-6 kittens..Im hoping more..
Do you know what the father looks like at all? Well I saw her "boyfriend" next to her when we caught her well he was near the park and she was on the driveway... ( we live next to a park) but she was gone for three days so who knows LOL!!! and her "boyfriend" was seen running with her when we tried to catch her.. LOL
But to the point He was Orange And White.. So Theres Definately going to be Some Torties and calicos
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I'm thinking Angel's boyfriend was this grey and white that was strangley hanging around for a while. Haven't seen him since!!

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From what I know the daddy in our case is probably her BROTHER - shock horror shock

Anyway he's a lovely black and white fluffy thing so they're bound to be gorgeous!
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Linka- Oh .. hm.. Well if he is her brother there is a possibility that one or two of the kittens might be mutated or born stillborn because the same blood types genes etc...
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i spoke to my vet about this and he said it would be Ok because, it's only first generation, breeders do it all the time which is why I guess that Siamese (THE most inbred) seem to have such a weird meow - although they are VERY cute.
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oh ok.. I was frightened for your babies,babies.. thank god they will be ok.. I will hope they will be though.. just in case..
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Originally posted by linka
i spoke to my vet about this and he said it would be Ok because, it's only first generation, breeders do it all the time...
Dear linka,

Truly, I hate to be the one to dash a bucket of cold water on the disinformation your vet gave to you but ... Responsible breeders most certainly DO NOT "do it all the time" (breed sibling to sibling). With pedigreed cats, we DO NOT want to see an inbreeding coefficiency of more than about 150 - 200. In order to keep that number at the lower end of the scale, we only LINEbreed (the correct term for the practice of breeding within the same bloodline) when we can do so with at least 4 or 5 generations between them. (Some breeders, like myself, may chose an even higher number - I breed primarily for health and longevity, so I like at least 6 to 8 gens between - but that's just me and I am picky about it.)

Originally posted by linka
which is why I guess that Siamese (THE most inbred) seem to have such a weird meow - although they are VERY cute.
*sigh* I so dislike hearing someone describe the cats I have spent my entire live loving as "the most inbred". It truly strikes a low blow at a breed which is quite intelligent, displays emotion openly and whose loyalty to the person they have chosen has been known to see them fight to the death in protection of that person. While it is true that the Siamese gene pool is indeed quite muddy at present, there are breeders out here who ARE trying to do something about it. Please believe me when I tell you that we get very little recognition and a lot less respect.

As for their voice, the raspy and often very emotional sound of a Siamese meow only adds to the aura of mystery and intrigue in my opinion. *grin*

Toprecious2b14 is entirely correct when she commented on the potential dangers of sibling-to-sibling matings. If you are relatively certain that your two cats' parents were far enough removed genetically, then I think your kittens should be alright, but please don't allow them to further breed within their line. You are asking for severe health issues if you do.

I sincerely hope you will take what I have had to say as informative and educational as opposed to inflammatory. I mean you no disrespect. I sincerely hope for the best for you and for your upcoming (and from what I am reading here today MUCH anticipated) litter! May they bring you an overabundance of joy.

Yours from the heart,

Gaye Flagg
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I certainly DO NOT take anything you have said as inflammatory. I am a cat person and I love cats but I really know very little about breeding them or what breeders do, Misty is my first pregnant cat and all I can go on is information from other people, vets, the internet etc.

The same goes about subjects such as this. I am sorry to hear my vet has such an obvious prejudice, I am happy to admit the information I had was wrong, no problem with that. As for Siamese, I've always thought they were extremely cute and wily and intelligence wise I only know from one of my aunts who has two, and they are extremely intelligent and funny.

I'm sorry if my posting offended you in any way, but I'm glad you set me straight.

Unfortunately, the person I got my two from wasn't very responsible and they mated, but I hope the kittens will be Ok with all my heart, they certainly move around like gymnasts! Misty is due to be spayed after she delivers them, and Stevie has been booked in already to be neutered.

Peace and cat love
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Dear linka,

Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply. More importantly, thanks for learning more than you probably wanted to. *grin*

Yours from the heart,

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