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Hi-I'm new here!

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My name is Amy and I am Donna's daughter. She finally convinced me to sign up for thecatsite. This place is awesome! I have one cat, a calico named Callie Ann who I adore! Hope to meet some of you soon! Hi to Rene, Sandie, yeah, Ken too.
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Greetings and welcome to The Cat Site! Here's your Blob-O-Rama:

I'm happy to meet you and Callie Ann!

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Hi Callie and welcome to the family!
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Hey Amy!! Glad you finally logged on. I am sure you will like it here.
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hellllllllllooooooooo Amy and Callie Ann Welcome, hope to see a lot of you !
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Welcome Amy! I hope to hear a lot more about Callie. I sure you will enjoy it here.

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Hiya Aimster.. Long time no see! Glad your hear at least that way it wont seem so long between visits...

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Glad you are here!!!!!!!!!! We'd love to see a pic of Callie Ann!!!
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Amy!!!!!!!!!! We are so glad you finally joined us! We have heard so many good things about you!!! If you are anything at all like that onery critter, Donna....we will love you as much as we do her! (which is ALOT)
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