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be sure to know maine coons are long stalky breeds they dont stand tall. they have huge ears and big paws. I'm sure some of these cats are mixed with a little maine coon, but of course there is no way to 100% know. When I got my rescue from the shelter the had him down as a Maine Coon Mix.

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Thinks I'd prefer to think of it as 'some of those cats are mixed with cats that are the sort of cat the Maine Coone was selected from'.

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  You can't really tell by size .   A relative of mine had some huge Domestic Longhairs in the 1980s  and I'm sure these days with Cats 101 someone would be telling her they must be Maine Coons.  (LOL, and especially the tabby since he had the  M....   I still can't believe Cats 101 made such an idiotic error as to say one of the most common markings in cats  was a sign a cat is a specific breed  ) but they were just random- bred rural cats  and she was nowhere near Maine.      

 Also with weight,    people often quote their cat's weight,  thinking it might be a sign they are a Maine Coon, or Ragdoll , but 1) domestics do come in a wide variety of sizes,  and 2) often the cat is several pounds over what their ideal weight would be so the weight is even less significant.

Yes, that is a good point. Also not all Maine Coons are huge, although they are generally long and large-boned, the size/weight can vary quite a lot within the breed-- they're not all 20 pound "monsters", some may only weigh 10 or 13 pounds.

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