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6wk old kitten vomiting....

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About 6 weeks ago we found a litter of kittens in our woodpile. The mother cat, which was feral, decided not to come back for them. So we made the decision to hand raise them. We started the kittens on a gruel about 2 weeks ago. Everything has been going good until about a week ago. One of the five kittens have developed a vomiting problem. About five hours after she eats she vomits all the cat food up. This happens once or twice a day. After she eats she is very lathargic and just lays there, but as soon as she is done vomiting she is VERY playful and active. A week ago we took her to the vet and they gave her fluids and put her on an antibiotic, they also told us to add more KMR to her cat food. The food she is eating is very watery and it seems like she takes her time eating it. Well, this did not solve anything... I just dont know what else to do... wondering if anyone had some suggestions....Thanks Lauren
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I'm glad to see you've already consulted a vet.

What food are you mixing in with the KMR? It may be something in it that she's too sensitive to.

My suggestion, if you're not already doing so, is to talk to your vet again. They have some Hills canned foods that could be good to try in this situation.

My other worry, if it's not the food itself, is that there may be something wrong with the stomach or intestines that isn't letting the food digest normally or at the normal rate.
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i am mixing the kmr with wellness kitten can food...talked to the vet again today and she thinks she is eating to much... but that really doesnt make sense to me because it is happening 5 hours after she eats...and it looks like pure food... it seems like she cant digest it...

maybe time to try another vet...
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^Sounds like a few incidents I had in the past myself. For one reason or another my stomach motility messed up and food would sit undigested 7-9 hours. (thankfully that stopped! )

Another vet opinion is a great idea. I highly doubt you're overfeeding them, otherwise the other kittens would have the same problem. In the meantime maybe you could try smaller meals every 3 hours? I hope you and a vet can straighten this out and get the kitten to eating normally.

Have the kittens been wormed yet? If not, they'll need to be wormed for roundworm soon - it can cause some digestive issues, too.
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