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need home for two cats..

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Hello everyone,

I have not been here in a very long time. I have two cats, Abby and AnnaBelle that I need to find a good home for. They are very good kitties, both 7 years old and declawed. They have been inside all their life. They have always been together and I would prefer to keep them together. They are located in Mississippi area.



this is abby:

this is anna belle..she's a little furrier now...
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I hope and pray you can find a home for your kitties; this is heartbreaking...
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So sorry you are rehoming your cats. I volunteer at a local no kill shelter and it is heartbreaking. Sending vibes your way to find a good home together for your cats. Maybe your situation will change and you can keep them with you. Best of luck to you.
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I'm glad to say I found them a wonderful home yesterday. I guy I know and his wife have 4 indoor cats about thier age and said they have room for 2 more so they can stay togther. I know they'll be well cared for so while it's still heartbreaking, I'm not worried about thier safety and care. I will truly miss them. Said my goodbyes last night, wife and MIL will be dropping them off today. Good thing is, we will be going back to that area and we can come by and see them when we're there.
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That is wonderful news! I'm so happy that you found a good home for your sweet kitties!!
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