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Kitty Litter

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Hi Everyone.... I was wondering if anyone can help. I just got 2 new additions to the house, 1 asian burmese expression (Chucky) and an asian tiffany (Elmo). I have had many cats before but these 2 are my first full time house cats and I need a really good liter to help cut out the smell from there litter tray. I scrub it out every 2 days but it would be nice if I could find a quality litter to help stop the odours. Oh yeah I live in the UK. Thanks a lot!!!
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I just found a litter that I like, its called PaPurr, and its made of recycled newspaper and you can get it in the scoopable form or the clay form. I really like it. My daughter uses the Crystals and she says she likes that. I have too many litter boxes to use the crystals only, because its more expensive, but since I found this paper brand I like it best. Another thing about the paper is its not as heavy as the other litters and makes changing not as bad.
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I use pure Crystals cat litter. I NEVER smell Zoey's litterbox odor at all and I live in a small apartment. The crystals absorb the smell so great, and, it barely tracks litter around my house, and, for the pee, I dont even have to scoop anything out, I just mix around the litter.. all the pee absorbs in the crystals.

I really recommend it!!
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I have so many cats it doesn't matter what type of litter I buy! LOL

The best thing I have found is made by CityKitty- it is an ionic air purifier system for your litter box. It works great!

You will find it in our Shop Section under Home and Garden

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My kitty doesn't like the crystals. But I've found Arm & Hammer to be good at absorbing the smells. I have to scoop Peaches' box out a couple times a day anyway, or she won't use it! So it could be I don't smell anything because it's cleaned out constantly! LOL

Tammie & Peaches
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Also I should add with multiple cats you need more than one litter tray.
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I use Swheat Scoop - a brand of wheat litter, and it is great! My cat loves it, and so do I. It absorbs odors very, very well, and it is clumping. Best of all, no dust, and it is flushable as well!
Drawback: expensive (11$ for a 25 pound bag), but we have only one cat, so it's affordable so far.
Hope this helps.

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I heard swheat scoop gets stuck to the bottom of the litter pan

And holy moly. I pay almost $10 a bag for the crystals and I know its not 25lbs. I'm just really happy with it and Zoey doesnt have a problem with it.
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You're lucky that Zoey tolerates and seems to like the crystals. I wish my would because I've heard even though it's more expensive, it makes less mess and lasts much longer.

Tammie & Peaches
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the "crystals" what brand is Crystals? Just wondering? Thanks!
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What do you mean by that, Sicycat? Is Sweat Scoop really not so expensive? And yes, it sometimes can stick to the bottom, but if you use a thick enough layer of it (4 in) it really doesn't. I haven't tried the crystals, though.
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Heres one brand, there are lots of them.
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I dunno I just heard most litters stick to the bottom when they pee..

I dont really like the Tidy Cat Crystals as much because they're smaller than the ones I used and make more of a mess.

Mine is called Ultra Pearls.. it lasts a LONG time, doesnt smell up the house, doesnt track much at all and Zoey likes it so I Like it

I think fresh step pearls are good too.. I might try those just to see. I think they're cheaper..
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