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Any tips on easing loss of a sibling?

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Most of you know that Pax was suddenly ill, and yesterday he joined the other kitties of the rainbow bridge

Kitchi is lost without him

He is 13.5wks old, and since I got both of them 7wks ago, they were housed together in one room while awaiting vaccines.

They ate together, played together, slept together....everything together.

I cleaned the room yesterday, but Pax's scent is still on a few things (toys) that I could not disinfect and didn't want to take all of his scent away.

He cries for him, he's so much more loving to me, and Kizzy. (Kizzy gets supervised play time with Kitchi, and that helps)

Is there anything I can do other than spending more time with him? (which I have been doing)

Would a stuffed black kitty help? I have one if it would.

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What you are doing is surely adequate. You cant do all. After all, a feeling of lack, a griefiance, is normal in such situations...

Good he has you to be consoled by, and seek consolation from. As is from very friendly cat pals. The not so friendly cat pals it is better to hide from, not showing any weakness.

You can surely try with this stuffed cat toy. either he will use it, or he will not use it... I dont think it can hurt.

Feliway may also be useful if you want to do something extra.

Good luck!
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Can you take him to where Pax is buried? Let him sniff the ground. He may then understand where he is. I have heard of such a thing happening.

Would you be up to welcoming another kitty into the house? I don't know if having a distraction and a playmate and someone to cuddle with would help him. Unless Kizzy is being really good about him (which it sounds like), than let them have more contact if you can.
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Our resident wise woman, hissy, says you should tell him what happened. When Leo passed to the Bridge, Fred was inconsolable, then I sat down, held him and quietly told him where Leo went. He seemed better after that. I felt a little silly until it worked.
I am so sorry for your loss of dear little Pax.
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I was so sorry to hear about the loss of Pax. As for feline grief, I went through it when Wellington lost his brother, Napoleon. He was a lost soul for weeks, sniffing, searching and crying. Nothing I could do or say seemed to help. It stopped as if by magic when Biscotte joined us five months after Napoleon's death. Wellington adopted her and they have been best buddies ever since.
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You're doing the right things and yes, give him the stuffed kitty.

You have one thing going in your favor. Kittens are very resilient. Think of all the litters that have been separated when they were adopted out, and think of what you've done when you adopted a kitten to make them feel at home.
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Play, cuddle, play, cuddle, repeat. Show the remaining little one that the world still contains love and fun anyway.

Would it be possible to get another kitten about the same age? Not as a replacement, of course, but to take over the play-buddy job, and be part of the family in its own way.
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Thanks for the suggestions

For those who suggested getting another kitty, that one is a no for now. Because I don't know exactly how Pax got sick, I can't chance bringing another kitten in and having it get sick or one of my kitties sick. Plus it would be in isolation for a few wks untill I was sure of its health, by then I would hope that Kitchi is back to normal.

He seems to be crying less...I've been giving him alot of lovings, and put a stuffed black kitty in the room with him. I took him and Kizzy down to the rec room last night and that was was new to him, so he was the typical kitten explorer and would come to me for lovings.

I guess I'm a bit paranoid now, I don't want to stress him out in anyway and lessen his immune system in case whatever virus caused Pax's pnemonia is still lingering around.

He seems to be getting better though
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I am glad to hear that things are getting better for Kitchi. You are doing a wonderful job.
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