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my cat has had diahrrea since last night. i plan to call my vet in the morning, but am having trouble sleeping b/c i'm so worried. she has an appetite and up until about an hour ago she was very active. very small amounts are coming out. she is able to make it to the litter box. i waited twelve hours before offering her dinner, and only gave her half the can. earlier this week, she ate fancy feast tuna in gravy for the first time, i think. she is new to me as of april and would be on a better diet, but i am giving her what her previous owner gave her.

an exterminator came out last week and sprayed behind the toilet and under the sink. the pesticide is safe for animals, but the bathroom door was closed after the spray. the radiator was sprayed with a small amount of raid by me on sunday night and then the door was closed. the window was left open. the spray was nowhere near her food or near where she steps, and she was not allowed in the room at the time of the spraying. i am assuming that her symptoms would be much worse than just diahrrea by now if she somehow ingested the pesticide?