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100% Canned Food Feeders - how much do you spend?

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Those of you who feed purely canned much do you spend on food per cat per month (or day)? How many cats do you have? What brands do you feed?

I may be wrong, but feeding 100% canned food sounds very expensive, especially with multiple cats. I'm curious as to how people manage this.
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I have five cats and to do grain free / limited grain foods would be 2$ a day per cat or 300 $ a month
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After taxes, I spend about $1 per meal (1 can) for my 4 cats. $1/meal X 3 meals/day / 4 cats = $0.75/cat/day, or about $22/cat/month.

ETA: I feed Wellness in the large cans or Chicken Soup primarily. Something like Authority would be cheaper and a grocery store brand cheaper still.
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i have 2 cats and i pay a little more than $2/can. i feed them a can a day between them (13oz) so i pay a little more than $1/day/cat. so it is a little more than $60/month. i feed evo canned 95% meat. i was feeding wellness canned grain free flavours; chicken, turkey, chicken and herring, and turkey and salmon (i think that was the flavours) but since wellness went up to more than $3/can i had to find a more affordable option. the evo is saving me about $30/month!
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I spend a fortune on food! I use a holistic vet and only use foods that she "approves" for them. I use Pet Guard, Weruva, or Merrick. Each can is between $1.29 & &1.49 each. I feed them each 1/2 can 3 times a day( 3 cans a day total between the 2 of them), so it costs me around $30 a week! (before taxes) That's a lot for me, but i refuse to go with any other foods. I did have to give up on the supplements she had me using which were the "top of the line" pet supplements and I just could NOT afford them. However, now I am paying the price. Henry always had diahrrea since he was a baby, but within a week of starting on canned only and the supplements his poop troubles were gone! So, I am thinking of putting him back on them, I may not be able to eat though!! I've always thought of getting another cat, but won't because i couldn't afford one.
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I'm almost 100% wet and I spend about $30 a month on food.

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Originally Posted by Jack31
I'm almost 100% wet and I spend about $30 a month on food.
For how many cats? Which foods?
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I feed 50% dry and 50% wet (1/4 cup of dry + 3 oz of wet food per cat). We have 3 cats.

The wet food per month for the 3 cats is between $40 and $43 (maybe a little more with tax). This is with 2 cats splitting a Chicken Soup wet food can (about $0.92 for a 6oz can) because those 2 won't eat leftovers and because it's the most inexpensive food with ingredients I like that they'll eat. The 3rd cat eats either Natural Balance wet food ($0.89 for 6 oz, which I split and refridgerate the second half for the next day for him) or Authority (which is maybe $0.79 for 6oz?).

If we were to feed wet only, they would each get 6 oz of wet food a day (instead of the current 3 oz each per day), so multiplying that figure by 2 would be $80-86/month for 3 cats to eat wet food only.
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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
I feed 50% dry and 50% wet (1/4 cup of dry + 3 oz of wet food per cat). We have 3 cats.
That's exactly what I feed for my 3 cats. They're currently eating EVO 95% meats and Wellness canned. I only buy the 13oz cans, so the wet costs me $37 for all 3 cats. If I fed 100% wet food that would make it about $25/month/cat.
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I have one cat. I feed her a mix of Wellness Core, Wellness (grain free varieties), and Natural Balance (grain free varieties).

I go to a pet warehouse store, so the food is a bit cheaper than the regular pet stores, but they don't have the large cans of Wellness there. Usually, I spend about $0.99/can on Natural Balance, $1.15/can on Wellness, and $1.29/can on Wellness Core. They do have semi-frequent sales on all the Wellness products though, so sometimes I make out like a bandit. =)

Overall, I spend about $35/month on her cat food.
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11 cats and they all get wet food since I lost one to diabetes and hava a current diabetic. It is easier not to separate him, and I have a real fear of dry food with the grains. I feed 9 lives (certain ones have no grains) and fancy feast (again certain ones.) I probably spend close to 300 per month, but the alternative is vet bills. Seven of my cats are seniors, so I don't anticipate these high food bills forever. But it seems I run to Walmart every other day! A pack of 9 lives is 1.40 approx. On sale I can get it for 1.24. They (the seven, get 2 1/2 packs a day) I don't even want to know how much that is. Then the other 4 youngsters get the fancy feast. Luckily, I don't spend much on myself! I have thought of going back to dry for the others, but knowing how it can cause health problems, I mean these guys are my babies. I don't think I can knowingly do harm to them.
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Before I got my kitten I only spent about $25 a month for Wellness canned in the big 13oz cans for my one cat. It's $2.10 a can but if I buy a case, 12 cans, I get a 10% discount.

With the kitten I trying to find a cheaper canned food to feed him. Right now he's on Wellness Core. It cost almost $50 for a case of 24 cans, 5.5oz.
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I would like to know the approximate size of your cats so that I can try to determine the amount of Wellness canned food to feed my large cat (19 - 20 lbs) which will keep him from gaining weight. Also, are they outdoor or indoor cats? I only have one cat and have been spending approximately $60 a month.
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My cat is 4 years old, indoors only, and 10lbs. I feed her one can of food per day. The Natural Balance food is 6oz and the Wellness foods are 5.5oz. She sometimes leaves a little food in the bowl when eating the Natural Balance, so I figure 5.5oz is good for her.
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