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Pictures of my babies

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I just wanted to introduce everyone to my fur-babies! The first photo is Taylor, the second is Mama Mia, and the third is my Pi-Pi (aka Pirate). Sorry the pictures are such bad quality- I don't have a camera right now so they were taken with my phone

Let me know if they do not show up- this was the only way I could get pictures to work on here (I'm computer stupid )
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Taylor is almost bigger then his bed! SO cute!!!! I have a Maia to, they are both tabbies! Love your pics of your adorable fur babies!
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Awww all 3 are beautiful cats.
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Adorable furballs
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Those are some seriously cute kitties--all three of them!
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3 gorgeous kitties you have got there
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very nice furbabies!
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Taylor is such a gorgeous example of a tuxie! Mama Mia and Pi-Pi are adorable too!
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Aww, they are adorable
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All three of your sweeties are adorable.
I love Pirate's nick name...Pi-Pi.

Thanks for sharing their photos with us.
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Cute kitties. Love Pirate's long coat.
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I love Pirate's colouring and I can totally see why you called him that!

Mia is so elegant and feminine looking and Taylor looks like such a lover.

Thanks for sharing!
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