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Raspberry yogurt

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I have read on here before that it's not bad if your kitties get a little yogurt now and then.

Well, this evening sitting on the sofa after feeding the three amigos - three fosters in one room - I was enjoying a cup of raspberry yogurt (not frozen -the regular kind).

Of course, Jakie was the first one over to investigate.... I gave him a tiny little bit on the tip of the spoon, never figuring that he would eat it... just sniff and walk away. WRrrroooooonnngg!

He LOVED it... I mean... grabbed my hand with his paws and tried to wrest the spoon from me!

OK - so I gave each of them a dab - maybe a teaspoon full... they licked it all up!

I didn't think cats like sweet stuff???/
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Well, I don't know that my cats have a weakness for sweet things, mostly for molasses. But maybe the cat was more after the yogurt for the yogurtyness than the raspberryness. Prissy cat especially loves yogurt. She gets the lid every time i get yogurt. :-)
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Yogurt has lots of good stuff in it, and it's low lactose so cats can eat it. I give my cats a spoonful sometimes.
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Flowerbelle LOVES yogurt! I usually have strawberry. She also loves strawberry ice cream (she only gets a few licks).

Shelly, on the other hand, seems to actually like raspberries!?!? Go figure! Gary and I have been eating a lot of berries recently. We often eat them as a snack in bed while watching a movie at night, and leave the container sitting between us (we make berry salad with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries). Shelly always comes over and licks the raspberries! He doesn't eat them - but since it happens all the time, and only the raspberries... ??????????

I think some kitties are just strange. And some kitties definitely like sweets.

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