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Quick Archie story...

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One of my foster cats, Archie, is quite vocal. (see pics in this thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=199290)

Well, the other day everyone was downstairs ... but Archie went upstairs and then came running down... standing on the lower landing.. meowing his head off and kept looking up the stairs.. ran half way up then back down. I didn't know what he wanted .

A couple minutes later I went up stairs-- and silly me, I had closed the door to the bedroom where I am keeping the boys. Oh, gee... he was telling me the door is closed and... no sooner did this thought come into my head.. .then Archie came zooming past me and into the bathroom... two seconds later I hear scratching in the litter. Oh, poor baby had to go potty and the door was closed!

I had a mental image of him doing the potty dance that little kids do when they really gotta GO!
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aw that's too funny.
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What a good boy! He really sounds just too sweet. I hope someone sees his black beauty and sweetness and treats him like the king he should be in his new forever home.
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