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Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Pax.
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I'm so sorry, Chris. RIP sweet Pax.
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I'm so sorry for Your Loss. What a Beautiful Tribute You wrote for Your Handsome Boy! Rest in Peace Pax.
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It was such a dreadful thing to happen and you are right to be angry and rant at the worlds about the unfairness of it all. I felt just the same when I lost Napoleon. But Pax did bring you joy and you will get to a stage when you remember the good times before the bad. Now you must do all you can for Kitchi who is mourning without understanding. Vibes from all of us here to you all.
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Chris, I'm so sorry - I'm just at a loss for words, and I know exactly how you feel. Even almost 4 years later, I miss my little Smudge. You did everything you could, and Pax knows that.
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I am so sorry for your loss! He was taken way too young, but at least in that short time, he was loved dearly. He left this life with you by his side, knowing how much you loved him. I was hoping I wouldn't see this thread, that he would make it, like all of us here. Again, I am very, very sorry..

Play happily at the Bridge Pax..R.I.P. Sweet Baby, you are an angel now.
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Play on at the Bridge, little one.
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I'm SO SO Sorry
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I am so, so sorry in the lost of your sweet angel, Pax. What a darling baby he was and way too young! I'm in tears as I grieve his passing. He's now pain free. Sometimes we just don't understand. In the short time you did have him, you gave him so much love and happiness. Many hugs and prayers for you and Kitchi.
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Oh no! Not little Paxie. I'm shocked, stunned, and heartbroken. I'm crying while typing this. Sweet little Pax. Fly swiftly to the other side, little one, but come back to check in on your Mama and your brother. They both miss you so.

P.S. Chris, be gentle with yourself. Tell Kitchi what's happened, and allow him to help you heal. I'm so, so, so sorry.
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RIP, little one.
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RIP sweet baby, I didn't know he was sick but I remember when you got them and thinking how cute they were. Life is not fair sometimes. I am so sorry for your pain.
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How terribly sad.

You will be missed sweet Pax.
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I can`t find the words to say how sad I am for you Take comfort from knowing you did all you could and all he ever knew was love

Run and find Maisie Pax She will take you under her wing and show you the way
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I'm so sorry you lost little Pax. Sometimes we can try our best and things just don't work out. But the great thing is Pax knew he was loved, and now he's over the Bridge frolicking and bugging our dear Hope Hacker for chest rubs

Rest in Peace, Pax
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so sorry to hear about this... i didn't even realize you had a couple of kittens, other than Kizzy [penalty of not logging on in the past few weeks ]. poor little Pax [& Kitchi, too, missing his playmate]. deepest sympathies for you & yours, as your heart weeps for this loss
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Thank you all.

Honestly, I'm not used to dealing with pet loss. (not that anyone gets used to it) But take my snakes for example...they are pets, and I've had to euthanise some of them, or they've died. It's not something I usually shed a tear about... upset yes, but not "hurt" if that makes sense. I think its because they don't show emotion.

I've lost one cat by euthanasia 7-8yrs ago, but Gysmo was older and gradually ill. My husband picked him up and took him away. With Pax, I had to watch him become ill, and take him to be euthanised, then bury him. It was definately harder in some aspects.

I know time heals all wounds. Kitchi is getting better (some new toys helped distract him I think, and I spend alot of time with him now that I'm paranoid of him becoming ill).

I'm doing ok, untill I start looking at pics. I have a bunch I was going to post from the Friday before he became ill. Or when I'm spending time with Kitchi and Pax isn't there patiently waiting for his turn

I didn't think I was so attached to him. The other part of it is, I didn't plan on having to euthanise 2 pets this year. Brandy's time is coming, that is expected. Pax was not.

Pax my sweet lil boy, I hope your playing with Hope, and Maisie and Elaine and all the other sweet babies. I won't forget the smiles that you brought to me, the smiles you still give me as I look thru my tears at pics of your silliness. I thank you for being a part of my life, even though only for a short time.
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So sorry little Pax, you are in a better place now!
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