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OCD Licking Behavior

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Hey guys,
I have a one year old fat cat named Boojie Baker. He licks EVERYTHING - pillows, blankets, my clothes, the mirror, walls, my hair, my face, my other cats, towels, counter, soap dish, etc. Basically, it's driving me crazy!! Fortunately, he does not seem to get sick but I would like to curb this behavior. I have never seen a cat act like this before. It seems as if he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Is there something I can do other than have a vet prescribe a psychotropic medication?

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Hey! I so feel for your kitty and your frustration. My experience has been obsessive behaviors like this usually develop from stress. You mentioned he is "fat", and a year old? Has he been doing this since you've had him?
Does he have any other obsessive behaviors? Does he get along with the other cats/kitty?
There are so many possible things that can create a stressful environment and so many different ways they may show it. Of course it is best if you can dedicate some time to finding the source of the problem. I wouldn't consider his behavior in need of medication, he isn't licking himself bald or in danger. He is young, this is totally correctable.
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