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Heylp!! Kitten poo on my toe

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Hi everyone,

This is Jeanie. I got a 4-week-old kitten for be 10-week-old Coffee's little sister. I didn't know she was so young before going to see her at the owner's house and urged him to keep the kitten with the mammacat longer. He still insisted on giving all the kitten away. I fell in love with her and thought maybe I can take good care of her.

She has been in my house for two days. She ate wet can food and snuggled with me and my boyfriend at night. There are two problems that I really need your help and advices! 1) She has no ideas about the purposes of the litter box. One time when she squatted, I placed her immediately at the litter box with the urine dripping on our way to the litter box. After she finished eating, I placed her in the litter box but she had no intention of using it. I also let her watched when Coffee used the litter box. We have been watched her closely about when she will poo for two days. This morning, I felt a gooey thing sticked on my left toe and awoke by the realization that it might be her poo. I was right. How did she do that? There was a little smear on my bed as well. Since she is so young, I don't want to place her in another room alone. What can I do to help her get the ideas of the litter box???

2) Coffee at first would hit her everytime he saw her. At first it was aggression but it seemed to be more like playing. Last night he and Oreo (the little one) slept on my chest and tommy. However, he often fliped her, held her down, rabbit kicked, and lightly put his mouth on her and let her go immediately. Oreo seemed to be persistent with approaching Coffee as if she really wanted to play with him. What can I do to let them get along sooner?

I know these might be common questions people asked but I would appreciate advices on these scenarios. Thank you. Appreciate your help!
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Oh you do have a little itty bitty one!!

Mamma cats stimulate their young to do their business by licking their behinds. Kittens start to go on their own about 3 weeks old, so yours is beyond that, but if he is still 4 weeks old, you may want to try this anyway. Take a cotton ball (or soft cloth) and gently wipe his behind while he is in the litter box. It may stimulate to go and he will relate going with the litter box. And while we always preach to clean the litter boxes every day, leave a little bit of his waste in there every day so that he can smell it (once he is using it, then clean it completely).

Another option is to find Kitten Attract litter. They sell it at Petsmart and often good cat specialty stores will carry it. If you can't find it, ask your vet about it or order it online. http://www.preciouscat.com/kitten-attract-p-10.html

And remember that a kitten that young hasn't yet formed the sense of when they have to go. If they are too far from a litter box, they often don't make it back to one. Keep him in a smaller location with a litter box nearby, particularly after he eats or drinks. They also can't hold it very long at that age.
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What a cutie!

Ditto what the other poster said...leaving a "pre-existing turd" in the box from the other cat will help the little one figure out what the box is for. Also, when you suspect he might need to go, set him into the box to see if his instincts kick in. I once had a cat literally instantly train himself to use the litterbox because he realized it was the best place to dig (he was outdoor-brought-in, though, not a kitten, so it probably won't be that fast).
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