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Oh dear Galileo has a sticky eye

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Well its probably nothing some ones probably knocked him most likely Amadeus because those two are always rolling around batting each other. Anyway I just wanted to voice my motherly worries .

His left eye is sticky with some discharge. He's having a little difficulty opening it and it is slightly inflamed. I'm a bit worried as he's only been here a week. Other cats eyes are fine. Tomorow is Symphony's second injection and Nefertiti's first. If its any worse in the morning he'll be going instead of Neffy. Oh dear theres never a dull moment with cats is there..
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please, regardless of how it looks tomorrow take Galileo (if it is Neffy's first, I would take Neffy and Galileo to ensure all of them have some vaccines, its better to be a little late on a booster than to have none at all).

We recently had some cats come into the shelter that had 'sticky eyes' and several of them lost an eye because it wasnt treated
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Oh poor precious babys. Well Galileo's eye didn't seem worse this morning but didn't seem any better. He was playing rough and tumble earlier with Amadeus which is normal and he loves diving on Amadeus and running away from him !!
I went out this morning and got home, Amadeus, Symphony and Nefertiti all came to greet me but where was Galileo? I rushed upstairs to see if he was ok and he was lying very still on the sofa on the blanket. He was withdrawn and couldn't open his eye (it was very sticky and there was a little more of the yellow stuff).
At that point I decided to take him to the vets instead of Nefertiti as he seemed to need the vets more but when it came nearer the time (two hours later) he was running around again with Amadeus and had both eyes open tho it seemed a little sticky it wasn't as bad so Nefertiti went for her appointment for vaccinations as planned.
He has an apointment with the vets tomorow morning first thing. Tonight his eye looks a lot better (tho its still a little sticky around the edges still but its open). Hes running around chasing Amadeus round and round the TV and over the wires (driving me mad ) but hay I'm happy if they are lol.
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