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OMG! Pee faster!!!!

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I worked until 11:45 pm yesterday. Most times I don't get home until a bit after midnight, but yesterday I managed to get out on time and my ride was early so I got home before midnight.

Chynna sleeps on the computer desk which is near the door so when I get home she stands up and yowls at me and I pick her up and give her kisses and cuddles before I do anything else.

When I got home yesterday she wasn't on the desk. I heard a noise to my right and looked into the bathroom and there she was! In the litter box going pee.

As soon as she saw me she got this desperate look on her face Her face puffed up, her eyes got big, she did a butt wriggle and she let out a desperate sounding meow that I swear said "OMG! OMG! She's home! Pee faster!"

As soon as she was done she didn't even take the time to bury it. She ran out of the box directly to me. She got her cuddles and all was well in her world again!
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How dare you catch her off guard.

That happened to a dog we had. Dad worked 2nd shift and the dog would hear the car long before it turned into the drive and be waiting for Dad at the door. But then we got a new car. I'm not sure the dog ever forgave Dad for sneaking in.
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That is so funny. Thats what I love about cats, they make anyday better just by being themselves. Any stress from my day goes away the minute I come in the door.
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Tonight she was on the desk when I got home and greeted me in her usual way. Stands up and meows at me until I pick her up.
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She's such a cute girl!
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