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Advice? bad shot reaction

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Help! My 7 year old male shorthair was listless after shots- to be expected-
its now been 49 hours since shots- including rabies, FIV, etc- he is eating and drinking some- BUT-
his tummy seems very sensitive and back legs are very stiff!
ha can barely walk and is quite uncomfortable-

he has always been quite healthy-
I do NOT want to make another long stressfull trip to vet-
Is this a bad-serious- reaction?

ANYTHING i can do?
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A vet trip would be the only thing I could think of. I know it's difficult, but a vet really is the best way to handel a health issue such as a shot reaction. I do know they can have a reaction to their shots up to 72 hours after. Perhaps you can call your vet & talk to him/her, they can tell you how serious the issue is. It sounds serious to me.
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I'm thinking it may not even be a shot reaction- he might have something new after he had the shots. I've never heard of a vaccine reaction the way you described it. But I agree a vet trip or a phone call is necessary.
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Go to the vet.
My Lucy died from a shot reaction.

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Mine were recently in for their shots - on the aftercare notice, they specifically mentioned I should call should anything persist post-24 hours, even a little letheragy. I really think you should at least call the vet immediately for their advice. I'm sorry - believe me I know the wanting to avoid stressing kitty out with another trip.
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Best to call the vet and explain what is going on. I have had a few that had bad reactions to vaccinations.

Useful information from the American Association of Feline Practioners can be found

There is a list of vaccinations and explainations. Be sure to read the comments section.

Hope he feels better soon.
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Thanks so much for that PDF!
very good-

he is eating-drinking-looking better- I think he will be ok-
vet wants to get him in if not better by tomorrow- but I still wonder
exactly what the vet could even do?

Certainly does not need another shot of anything!

Am seriously re-thinking need/ risks of vaccinations now.
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There are meds the vets can give to reduce the side effects of vaccines in some cats, we had a dog at the shelter a while back who had severe reactions to shots but to license him required a rabies vaccination and they gave him some meds, an anti-inflammatory etc before the shot
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