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Gigi, Sun and Kate playing with a ribbon

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The silly little guys were scared of a ribbon! Of course the whole "curiosity killed the cat" saying rings true - had it been a snake they would have been in trouble!

It was sooooo funny watching them with it. They're much better with it now
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Awwwwww, they're growing up so fast. I love how Sun keeps smacking at the ribbon while Kate is a bit more wary. She takes her time before attacking it with gusto. It's also really great to see Gigi getting in on the fun.
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I was in stitches watching the first part! Smacking and jumping backwards! Sun is quite the brave little one!

Love to see Mom and babies playing together!
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OMG I was laughing out loud! They are tooooooo cute - especially when you pulled the ribbon the first time?!!

I'm with Linda - it's really sweet to see them exploring it together.

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Sun is a brave little thing! You go girl!! I love that smack *jump* smack *jump* thing they do when they're scared of it but just have to see if it will bite back.

I about fell over laughing when you flipped the ribbon and Kate did a backflip to get away from it!

I love how Gigi is just as curious about it as the babies. Reminds you how young she is too.
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I'm glad you guys enjoyed it They make me laugh, the silly little pumpkins. And yes - it does remind you that Gigi is still a baby herself! I think she'll love being in a home without the kittens where she can play and be herself. At the moment, whenever she tries to play with a toy, the kittens get in the way.

Heidi - the backflip was great huh? I can tell you in real life it was even better
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Before they got used to it was hilarious.
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Awwwwwww... Doesn't take much to entertain them, huh?! What a brave little one, actually TOUCHING the ribbon! Unheard of! haha!
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