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Pics of my dogs (my OTHER furbabies) -picture heavy-

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Millie is a border collie mix, my heart dog , and she turned 7 this year. She's incredibly sweet and loving.

Lucy is a 4 year old chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix. Lucy's the joker, always into something, making trouble and making me laugh.

Millie, ever watchful.

Silly pup.

In a tree

MORE. . .
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MORE. . .
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Ew. The water. It touches me.


MORE. . .
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I haz a stick.




I can has treat nao?

MORE. . .
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Sillhouettes in the sky. . .

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Beautiful pics of your Gorgeous girls! I enjoyed looking at all the pics.
I love Millies paws. Her coat looks really gorgeous.
at her in a tree.

Lucy is just precious. I love that pic of her on the sofa where she looks like shes pouting
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Adorable babies Love the tree pic
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Millie is a very soulful looking dog.
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Great pics of 2 beautiful pups.
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Thanks so much! I'll pass the compliments on.

Millie got up in the tree all by herself, too!

Lucy's an expert at the pout, especially since she has a little underbite.

I also wanted to say I know how long Millie's nails are in the pics- the quicks were really long after me letting them get out of hand, but clipping and dremeling them has made me the quick slowly recede, so the nails themselves are shorter now.
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Pretty pups! Millie reminds me of our RB dog Felicia. Something about the eyes...she was a special dog too. Lucy sure has that puppy-dog-eyes look down pat! Good thing, too, if she's the joker and naughty one. She knows how to get away with it!
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So expressive! I love dogs that have such great expressions! I can tell why you are in love.
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I want a dog!!!

But seriously they are beautiful. I can't decide which is cuter.
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Beautiful Pups! I love the treepic also.
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I have seen a LOT of pictures of dogs but I have to say that you have a gift. Somehow you have caught your dogs' personalities in those shots. Absolutely fabulous!
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Thank you so much, everyone! I love photography and I try really, really hard to capture them!

2dogmom, that's a really nice thing to say.
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Your babies are SOO beautiful Love the pic of Millie with the treat and crumbs on her snout, and of her up in that tree
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Beautiful photos! Of course you have two beautiful subjects which always helps
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The photos are great. Dogs are wonderful companions aren't they!
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