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2009 Southeast Regional (TICA)

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I know Nial will be showing with his kittens and alter, but is anyone else here going?

It would be nice to have all The Cat Site people together.
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am sad that no one else has entered an HHP kitten. Wish I wasn't so broke or else I'd sponsor some young shelter kitties from the no-kill (assuming that they'd agree to let me show them of course ). I had to put on enough of a sad story to have my mom pay for Top Cat to go. Also, I am able to stay with my sister in Raleigh so no hotel cost for me.

I just hope they get enough entries and donations to break even. This is my favorite show and it would be heartbreaking to see them not put on a show again.
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I hope you get to show your cat.
They cancelled HHP at the Fresno CFA show and the next show has been cancelled.
It is not cheap to put on shows.
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the difference with TICA is that no matter what, they will let you show your cat. One cat show had only three HHP kittens and they still had the ring. One show Luna was in only had 7-8 cats per ring. Easy to pick up finals, but less fun when you're looking for competition. And since this is TC's first competition, I wanted to see how he compared to other little kitties.
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That is good they let you show no matter how many cats are entered.
Maybe there will be more cats next time.
When is your next show after this?
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Good luck with Top Cat

We still run the Domestic group regardless of entries, often there are only 3. We keep saying, if you want to win get a domestic
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after this we will be going to the TICA annual in Orlando. If he gets any competition, it should be there.
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The Domestic & Companion cat classes always run here no matter what. It would be really bad practice to cancel them because people can travel 9 hours+ to show their Domestics here
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Alot people wait until the last minute to enter, so I'm sure the count will go up. The show managers will no doubt extend the entry deadline if they are short of entries.
I just looked at the count and it is at 125, as of yesterday. The last regional had nearly 250 cats.
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First time I've heard any club cancel a group cause of low entries. A few of the ACFA shows only had 5 sh kittens (about 15-20 total) and, yeah, we got freebies (finals) in the specialty rings. But even if it would have been only 3 or 4 sh kittens, they would have still had the rings - not cancelled them.
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I was talking to the treasurer of the TICA club that put on the show last weekend. She said that shows in our area never make money or even break even. I had thought that entry fees and spectator donations would be enough.
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You have lots of other expenses to figure in - rosettes, judges fees/airfare/hotels, show hall rental, etc.

Unless you've been "behind the scenes" in a club, you won't know all that goes into it.

Hubby and I helped at our last show (setting up), so he got to see another side of the show scene.
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I'm not surprised that they don't make money, just had figured that they would be closer to breaking even than they were. It's no wonder that shows are being cancelled really, a lot of people just don't have the money to travel these days. I was part of the local kennel club for three years and helped put on their shows. We managed to break even each year, but I think that there is a lot more interest in dog showing.
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The Fresno Show I went to was short on everything.
We could not keep Winners Ribbons.
HHP was cancelled.
My friend and her daughter ended up being stewards.
She was disappointed because HHP was cancelled.
They also started charging 2 dollars for admission because no one was coming.
The next Fresno show is cancelled.
There are a few reasons.
The Fresno Fair is the date the show was suppose to be.
They changed it to a week ealier but the TICA show is that weekend.
Everyone is going to the TICA show instead.
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I'm a committee member of three clubs - one club just had it's first show for the year and I think we have gone into over draft The NZCF National show moved to a week before our show date so that explains why a lot of exhibitors didn't come.

My second club Pedigree Persian is surviving because that's a specialist LH club and we have Cat/Kitten & N/S of the year awards at our show. That show is on the 18th of July, so we'll see if we break even.

My third club was only one I became a committee member of in January. It was about to fold but 11 of us banded together from the first two committees and we have kept it going!
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One of the guys that comes in regularly where I work (I am a credit union teller) is really interested in coming. His sister shows cats on a regular basis though I've never met her or know who she is. I've kinda told him that us clubs need visitors and exhibitors and to spread the word. I hope he brings friends.
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I got Dustys Mom to come to the Fresno Show last time.
She brought her husband and a friend.
She did not even now there was a show until I posted here about it.
I hope you get people to go to the shows on your area.
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I'm so pissed that no one's entering another HHP kitten. The whole point of bringing a kitten is to compare him to others. At least one other HHP kitten would make it worth it. I'm not excited about the show anymore.
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That is no fun.
Maybe some one will enter another kitten in HHP.
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Hopefully there will be more HHP kitten entries. The total entry count is now up to 132.
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Yeah, I know counts are down everywhere, but this sucks. I don't mean to sound overly crabby, but I've actually seen reports of shows to see what kind of competition has shown up at other shows for HHP kittens and it has been a really bad season so far. It seems that with the numbers dropping due to the economy, HHP kittens are taking the biggest hit.
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That's a shame
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I have been to a few shows over the last few weeks and it seems that some people are pretty desperate to sell kittens. One Sphynx breeder had a cage of three kittens and she was offering me a special price if I made my mind up right there. She said that the economy was not being kind to her cattery.
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Most of the breeders are in the same bind. But pushing kittens on "strangers" is wrong IMO. Jack's breeder had to wind up spaying a few of her females - she could not let them keep calling and not breed them.
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Most the sphynx breeders I know would not do that.
In fact they are very picky who the kittens go to.
I am looking for another sphynx now and will be very careful.
A breeder tried to sell my sister a Japanese Bobtail at teh last show.
I asked my mentor about her and heard she does that all the time.
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now there's five HHP kittens, yay! Why do they always wait till the last minute? Is it because they know it drives me nuts?
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People do that all the time here also.
Alot wait to see if they can go to the shows since you can not get the money back if something comes up.
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Originally Posted by Starfish View Post
now there's five HHP kittens, yay! Why do they always wait till the last minute? Is it because they know it drives me nuts?
Woohoo! The count may still go higher.
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I have never been to a cat show, but have always wanted to go and watch... Raleigh is too far for me though.

Does anyone know if there are any closer to Fayetteville/Hope Mills? The only ones I ever hear of are in Raleigh or farther away.
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I live in Fayetteville myself, but Raleigh is the closest thing here. Compared to others I've been to, Raleigh is next door in my mind . But then again, I've grew up traveling a lot (we would travel from Georgia to New York to visit family and the like), so an hour and a half is nothing to me.

If you ever decide to try out showing, maybe we can carpool. The only thing that kills me about traveling is the cost of gas.
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