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To Butch

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I don't think that as long as I live I will ever forget Butch. Butch was my cousins' cat, but a part of me always felt like he was mine. I was very close to them in those days and I went with them to the Humane Society to pick up a kitten. As my cousins played with the other kittens I spotted this cute little gray tabby who wrapped his little paws around my fingers. I can remember pushing my fingers between the bars and just playing with his little paws. My cousins all wanted a different cat as I pleaded for Butch. My oldest cousin, older by nine years, told us to wait in the car and she would pick which cat to take. We waited in this hot car all excited and she came back with Butch. She said she picked Butch because after we left all the other kittens went to sleep. Not Butch, he sat there and played with my cousin.

Butch was the most affectionate cat I had met at that point. He had a voice that you could hear anywhere. He loved people, even my autistic cousin who often scared cats...no not Butch.

The strangest thing that occured when Butch was a part of our lives was that he seemed to attract other cats to become part of the family. Every time I came to visit there was another cat claiming a spot in the garage. Never before had I seen anything like it. Butch always would stand by their side as if to introduce us. And each cat made a wonderful addition.

Sadly we never knew exactly what happened to Butch. One day my autistic cousin got a hold of some matches, and the house burnt down. Part of me hopes that Butch became scared and just decided to join up with all those other cats, but part of me realizes that he should have returned home when they reconstructed. He knew his way well. He was one heck of a cat.
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Oh my goodness what a sad story! Butch sounded like such a loving cat.. who knows, maybe one day he will find his way back to you
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Reading your tribute to Butch, makes me believe that Butch is what I like to call a Unique Messenger. Cats can, and do network among themselves, and when they discover a kind heart, such as you and your cousins, these messengers will bring other cats to the home and let them know it is a safe place.

When we lose a cat under uncertain circumstances the grief becomes more because it is united with doubt and uncertainty. Hard enough to carry alone as grief, adding these other elements to it can and does make it almost unbearable.

Butch was lucky on many levels; he was picked first, taken to a great home and he had a visitor who brought him added joy. Even after all this time has passed, he remains lucky because he has been kept alive within your heart.
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Thanks, that means a lot to me.
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