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hi lovely

just wanted to quickly tell you that i recieved your package - or rather,
i am going to pick it up tomorrow morning

i gave you my mothers address to make sure nothing would happen to it,
(my landlords are creepy and our mailbox is right outside with no cover,
so, everything gets rained on) so, all my mail goes to her, and she re-directs it to me

and one more thing, i just love the new signature, and the cat as your avatar

i'll be on more tomorrow, cant wait to see how everyone is doing, i miss you all !

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I'm so glad that little package arrived safely! Thanks a bunch for letting me know. And, the Cheshire Cat thanks you for your nice compliment!

Let me know what you think of "the album." We are, of course, awaiting one from you; but there's no hurry, all things considered.

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Mr.Cat !

i am going to pick it up after i have some coffee & time to wake up!

i get wait to get it, and listen to it thank you so much for sending it!

i am very excited !

i know, i am way behind in my c.d.'s, but, basically it's because
of these following reasons:

i was supposed to get a burner for my birthday, but, alas, it was decided that it was too much $$

i was supposed to go see my sister & brother, and i was going to make my c.d.'s
there, but, now i am not going till July.6th

and, finally, my friend Cameron's mother who lives a block up our street has a burner,
but, so far there hasnt been a good time to go over there, and i dont want to impose.

i think making c.d.'s is like an art-form, and i need to feel comfortable doing it

anyway, i dont know what to say, either i'll make them when i'm in Victoria in July,
or, i'll put aside my insecurities and go to Donna's (Cameron's mom) or i will get
my birthday wish and a burner will appear at my door !!! (yeah, right)

anyway, i will figure something out, dont you worry.

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No problem! Don't worry about it, at all. One of these days, when everything falls into place, you can crank one out and send it along. Until then, the Cheshire Cat tells me, you should think about other things. Hmm.

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other things ?
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I don't know what he means, either. But it probably has to do with your quit-smoking campaign, or your fitness regimen. They're both excellent things, good goals. Anyway, that's most likely what he meant. He's always talking in generalities and parables!

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there is always something, isnt there ?

i have a lot on my 'plate' right now, so to speak, but, this one is important to me,
it makes me happy to make things and do things for others, so, it wont be long
until i get it together
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i forgot to tell you ! last night, or this morning, or what have you,
around 5:00 a.m. i was here, when i made this thread, and i saw
your Cheshire Cat for the first time, i must have sat there for 5 straight minutes
watching it, before i realized i had been sitting there for 5 minutes, entranced by it

that's what happens to me at 5:00 a.m.

but seriously, i love the Cheshire Cat
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Wow! That's neat, at least the Cheshire Cat thinks so! I believe you've made a good impression on him. You know, the only reason he agreed to come here and hang around in my signature block is because I'd told him about you and the other interesting people at The Cat Site. (Although he tried being nonchalant, I could tell he was curious the moment I mentioned "The Cat Site.")


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Joe....I am anxiously awaiting your CD!!! I am sorry I can't burn one to send back to you! I wish I did have a burner.
But like I said in the music exchange thread....if you want to hear a sample of what I like....download "feelin' love" by Paula Cole....it is one of my absolute favorites!!!!
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I'm behind with making my CD also. We've been doing a lot of stuff to the house. We spend all out weekends over at Home Depot. Hopefully after the new carpet is installed things will calm down enough for me to just sit and rip songs. If Napster still worked well I'd just DL them from there, but as it is I have to rip songs off my CD's then burn them.
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there's a solution to the Napster problem;


you can download any song from there
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I'm sorry to be Mr. Impatient here, but I didn't realize just how slow "priority mail" could be. You'd think it would only take two days, maximum, for "priority mail" to get from Oregon to Iowa. At least the "global priority mail" I sent Blue finally arrived yesterday. It took more than one week for it to get from Oregon to Canada! And the "priority mail" to Debby in Iowa hasn't shown up yet! Yikes!

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