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Going away for the 4t of july weekend...

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We're planning on going away for 2 nights/3 days. I was wondering if it would be ok to leave our cat home by himself for that amount of time? I'll leave him plenty of water and food, but I'm nervous about leaving him on his own. I've never been away from home before with no one home to look after him.
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Should be ok but prolly wouldnt hurt to have a friend stop by and say hello and change the litter!
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another thing you might want to do is put out another litter box or two if you can't have someone come in and clean the one. That way it should be ok if one gets full for some reason.

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I think it depends on the cat and your comfort level. I can't leave my cats alone for any longer than a day. Because of me and them. Its what we all prefer. I can't help but think about if something were to happen to the house or the cat got sick and no one knew....I can't stand to think about it.

Also, if your cat is used to being social and having people around it can be difficult for them to all of a sudden be left for a long period of time with no interaction. It looks like you just have the one also so it will have no other living thing around for 3 days. Seems like a long time to me.

You can ask around at vets offices if you have no one you can count on to check on your cat. Sometimes techs will cat sit as a sideline. You can also look online or in the yellow pages.
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btw: he is gorgeous! If I lived close by I would look after him in a heartbeat!
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I have never left a cat for more than a day, but I have a friend who leaves her cats for a week at a time! (Huge bowls of dry food, water, and a lot of litter boxes). I could never do that, but she swears she has no problems.

So it all comes down to your comfort level. Since my cats get upset when I'm gone for a day, I certainly would never leave them longer without someone visiting.

Right now, my boy is super-social, so when I go on vacation, I have someone who actually lives in the house to give him more attention than just a sitter.
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For shows, we leave on Friday and come home on Sunday nite (late) and leave full bowls of food and a few extra large water dishes. The ones staying home are fine with that.
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Your cat should be fine as long as appropriate food and water are provided. However, if you can hire a cat sitter it would be much preferable. Some cats go else where if they don't get their litter changed often enough. Since it will be the 4th of July and your cat will probably hear parades and fireworks, I'd leave him in a nice, quiet room with the radio playing to relaxing music like jazz or classical. Give him places to hide because he probably will get freaked out hearing crazy noises with no one to comfort him.
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