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A portrait of Nikita

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It's ages since I last posted photos of Nikita, I've only got the one right now.

I'm really proud of it though, wanted to go for an old school star portrait style

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Wow. It's BEAUTIFUL. I would be proud of it, too. I have enjoyed your photos of Nikita the whole time I have been a member of the forum, but this is one of the most beautiful cat portraits I have seen here. Bravo! Give snuggles to beautiful Nikita for me.
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Wow, what a beautiful picture!
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Wow! That`s really beautiful Of course you have a beautiful subject which always helps
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Excellent picture!
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Awesome pic
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You are an amazing photographer - and your model is absolutely gorgeous!
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Wow is right! Excellent photo.
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beautiful portrait!
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That is an awesome photo
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WOW. Awesome!
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Absolutely stunning. I've always thought Nikita was incredibly beautiful as well.

What was she doing when you took that?
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She was looking out the window. You can see it reflected in her eyes a tiny bit.
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what a beautiful pic....ever think of going into photography?
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Glad you enjoyed the photo!

as for your question, it sort of depends on what you mean by going into photography. I mean, I take a lot of pictures and I print some of them and I've been the wedding photographer on two occasions for friends of mine etc. so as a hobbyist I'm definitely 'into photography'.

However I am very happy in my job (I'm a software engineer) and getting into being a professional photographer is pretty hard, uncertain and I'm rather worried that turning photography into a job would ruin it for me. I.e. part of the enjoyment for me now is that it's a hobby, it's where I go to destress and just have fun.

So, yes and no, but I'm very happy where I am now
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That photo is stunning!
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