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DragonLady! Thank you so much!

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Teresa, I got your package today!

I called home before I left work and Mom said that I got a present in the mail. I couldn't figure out why I'd be getting something in the mail, but I rushed home to open it. Mom even made the comment "You act like it's Christmas!". I heard the jingling inside and so did the cats. They've never been ones to enjoy many toys. We've got a box full of toys they could care less about....BUT NOT THESE! They were practically climbing my legs to get into the box. I gave them each a jingly bell toy & the were in 7th Heaven! Little Tiki was the funniest of them all. She'd pick it up with her teeth and shake the dickens out of it. Mom & I laughed til we cried watching her. I'm saving the others for a while, don't want them to get overwhelmed with toys (more of chance for them to be ignored!).

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The shot glass is absolutely beautiful! The colors are magnificent! I plan on filling the picture album with the kids' pictures real soon. The refridgerator magnet is on the fridge and my lapel pin is going on my work smock tomorrow! Thank you once again for making my day! You really went out of your way by doing that. You're such a sweetie!
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tsk. tsk. Shell. You broke the thank-you protocol, just like me!
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Yeah Deb, but this was from the first round of the Pen Pal Club. Thought I better keep it seperate, didn't want to confuse anyone! Plus, I'm all about breaking the rules! Just kiddin'!
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Aww that's sweet
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Bumping this up in case if Teresa missed this!
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I just saw this! You are so very welcome! I'm glad the toy are enjoyed! Just had to at least return the favor for the wonderful things you sent to me the first go round! I'm glad the shot glass didn't get broken. There was a letter in the package, but hubby decided to rewrap the shot glass and forgot to put it back in!
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I did noticed that there wasn't a letter...I assumed that you forgot to put it in! Thank you once again from me & the onery crew!
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