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limp Butterscotch

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Some of you have read about us taking Butterscotch into our home about 6 weeks ago. He was an outdoor cat who must have belonged to someone originally because he is very affectionate, yet skitterish. We've had him in his own room for all this time, waiting to get him checked again for feline aids and leukemia, because he was badly bitten when he came back to us. The vet said that it would take that long for it to show in his blood IF he was infected by the other cat.

OK... so my husband and I go into the room often to feed him, and spend time with him. Last week my husband was able to pick him up and put him on his lap while sitting in the chair in the room. He does this nightly after we finish dinner, and spends a lot of time petting him and talking with him.

So, the other day I decided to try it also. I sat in the chair and picked him up and he went completely limp! As if he did not know what to do with his limbs!!! He wasn't fighting it... just didn't know what to do? I have also picked him up while standing, trying to just hold him, and he goes completely limp then too, making it like holding a sack of potatoes!!! I try to position him, but he gets confused and digs in, so I put him back down.

Anyone ever come across this before? What do I do?
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I don't think I quite ubderstand the problem. You pick him up and instead of fighting it he totally relaxes and lets you pick him up without a fight.

Ping does that when I pick him up. Its like picking up dead weight. I never thought it was an issue.
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Well the thing is... all of our other cats either climb into being held, or position themselves so that they are comfortable while being held, but he doesn't know what to do, and slides all over being totally limp. It makes it extrememly hard to hold him. Like I said... it's like holding a sack of potatoes.

It's not so much that he isn't fighting us... which is great of course! It's that he just doesn't know what to do with himself and it's not a relaxing experience for either of us.

Just trying to figure out how to make him more comfortable so he enjoys being held.
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I have a female cat Lulu, she does that she goes completely limp in my arms. Its kind of hard to hold her she kind of slips through my arms. Its kind of hard to explain. I always took it that she is just very relaxed. She's very affectionate towards me. The others I pick up are more firmer or something like that.
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without seeing this I find it a bit hard to judge- does this kitty purr for you when you're holding this sack of potatoes?

Either he's too scared and timid to fight you when you pick him up- or he's totally trusting with you.

How old is he?


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My rescue Cleo does this. In fact I can just about put her into the shape of a ball, when I go to put her back into her bed, or wherever she was, I can put her down in whatever position I was holding her in. After a lot of research on the internet, the only thing I can come up with is that she must have some ragdoll in her. She is very very long, but very thin. There doesn't seem to be much to her. I spoke with my TNR group that trapped her, and they tend to agree, that as she is so limber and loose, that being part ragdoll would answer why she is the way she is

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Well he definitely is not part ragdoll, and didn't like it when I picked him up about an hour ago. I think he is just not certain of what goes on when I do pick him up.

Maybe he's afraid of height like I am? I've never seen him jump up on anything - not even when he was living outside.
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