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Hey any advice?

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Hello, I'm new here and have been over to the introducing kitten to existing cat forum and article but was wondering if anyone could give me any more personalized advice.

I have a one year old male cat who has been neutered, but he can be rather sensitive. We decided to adopt a kitten as a friend to see if eventually it would help him relax and keep him cheerful so a few days ago we fetched 8 week old Jasper. I did some research and found some introduction techniques that once one step is completed successfully you move on to the next, these include separating the two, then introducing each others scent to the other, letting them sniff at a door separating them, having a door open a couple of inches so they can see each other and then finally letting them meet. Everything was going well until the last stage. Archie our older cat had been sailing through the stages more intrigued than hissing or anything, when they finally met he was more interested in smelling Jasper until Jasper hissed, now Archie hisses the minute he sees Jasper. He will still eat his food the other side of the door Jasper in on it does not bother him, it's only when he sees him does he act out. There has been one incident of growling as well as hissing but I couldn't tell who was growling exactly as it was a deep-ish growl but Archie was looking around while it was happening whereas Jasper was staring intently at Archie.

Basically I was wondering what I should do, would it be wise to get a kitten pen and just let Archie in to see Jasper whenever he wants and see if he gets the hissing out of his system or keep them well away from each other which seems a bit of a shame as Archie seems so intrigued to see his new brother. I haven't tried the perfume/vanilla essence trick yet, would it be an idea to try that and let them meet, either through a kitten pen or just supervised in a room and see what happens then?

Any help would be really appreciated, although I love Jasper and would hate to have to return him to the RSPCA, Archie is still currently my number one priority. Thank you for your time, I know I tend to waffle on but I just want them to get on ok.

Miss Kitty
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I am not sure I can advise, other than it takes a loong, time and you can expect some fur to fly. I would ahve advised you to get a cat the same age as the one you have, that seems to work. You older cat is not going to be happy with the shenanigans of a kitten, and the kitten is going to continue to try to assert himself, especially as his hormones develop. After a year or two they will probably get along fine. If I were you, I might return the kitten while he is still cute, and adopt another neurtered cat, male, the same age as yours. that was smooth sailing for me. I keep toying with the idea of adopting a female, but with my three males, I am afraid that might start problems.
good luck
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What I have done is I put a gate in front of the door so they can easily see and smell each other. When they get use to that and they are together in a room I usually play with both of them by sitting on the floor swinging a rubber spider on a string and letting each one swat at it as it comes near them, a little while each day. Eventually with time they will get use to each other. I have 9 cats, each one took some time, every now and then we have a little hissing and spitting at each other, but we are all pretty much a happy family. Good luck and welcome to TCS
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