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I've got new fosters

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I've not been able to take any fosters yet this season as I have been looking after a young female calico who was found on the road with a broken leg. But she is now returned to the people who rescued her, who will continue to nurse her until a home can be found. So the shelter called me last night about five kittens they had. Their mom is feral and has now been TNR'd but the kittens are adorable and adoptable (or will be). They are 6 weeks old and four are semi long-haired. 4 boys and a girl. I have them in my bathroom where they are exploring every nook and cranny.

I apologise for the quality of the pix but they won't stay still!

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Oh my stars are they cute!!!
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Oh Jennyyyyyyyyyyy
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one for five? Oh, you are rich now!

what about the mom? Is she released as part of TNR, or do you have her too??

You will surely succe´ with them!

good luck!
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Awww, Jenny , they are precious, good luck with them
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They're absolutely adorable, Jenny.
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Look at those tails sticking straight up.
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I don't have the mom - she has been spayed and released back to the campsite where she gave birth to the kittens under a mobile home. The lady who owned the site has been feeding them all. It is a shame she could not have been kept with the kittens for another week or two, but apparently she was considered too wild to tame and people were worried that the kittens might go that way too. But they are fine - eating, using the box, washing themselves and all over me when I sit on the floor with them.
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such pretty little bundles of fluff , fingers crossed that you can find the perfect homes for these darlings!


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Oh are they DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad all went well with the calico, and that she finds a home soon.

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Stay still? At that age? Surely you jest! They are totally adorable, Jenny.
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Oh my how did I miss this?? They are absolutely adorable Jenny! I bet they're keeping you busy
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