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QOTD Tues. June 23

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It is my 2yr anniversary today....which leads me into today's daily question:

- When did you get married? ( or move in with a spouse or are getting married)

- And for our single members, did you ever have the dream of being married by a certain time? (like me, I always wanted to be married before I turned 30) or when did you know you were a single type of person?

I was 1 month over my 30th bday when I married on June 23, 2007.

(it is actually the day before hubby's birthday as well.... So he can rightfully say "Marrying her, aged me a year overnight" )

Ironically, although I wanted marriage, my hubby says he's surprised because I am quite content on my own.

If something ever happened, I know I would not marry again.

ETA: if you know of any gifts that would suit someone who is impossible to buy for, and has everything he needs, let me know.
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were not married yet its a long way off but we moved in 2 years ago come july and weve had cats instead of kids we joke about it, they are our kits hehe
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We're getting married June 5, 2010 We also live together right now. We moved in together about 3 years ago, after we'd been dating for two years. This August will be our 5 year anniversary.
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We got married on a Friday night, Dec. 6, 1974. That was 4 months after our first date.
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I am not married. I don’t think I would care if I ever did not get married. I have never had the urge. I like to know that if I did marry someone it wouldn’t be because I felt I had to, it would be because that person was someone truly special to be able to make me actually care if I got married.
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Single person here, and I pretty much never wanted to get married. I've always been really independent and it has caused more then a few problems in my relationships over the years. I've always been happy just being on my own.
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Nov 6!
Great Question Chris!
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I had an October wedding many many moons ago and got divorced in October 13 yrs ago. I don't wish to marry again because I'm comfy living on my own.

Happy 2yr Anniversary Chris! My ex and I never exchanged gifts since it came out of the same checking account but we did use to cook each other a special dinner and - or go out to a movie. So I am of no help thinking of a gift
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I was married August 24, 2002 and divorced June 15, 2005 I was 24 when I got married. I had always seen myself getting married, but i had kinda hoped it would be a one shot deal, but that didn't work out I've been on my own for 4 years now and I can honestly say I am happier than I ever was in a relationship. I do what I want, when I want and how I want I do not see myself ever getting married again

My mom raised me to be a little too independent
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I was married July 7 1979. We started dating when we were 17, We got married at 19.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I was married July 7 1979. We started dating when we were 17, We got married at 19.
30yrs on my daughters 9th bday..... That is awesome. Hope there's many more.
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My first marriage was June 26, 1993, he died Sept 1, 1996
I remarried my current DH on Feb 14, 1998
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I am getting married July 18.

25 more days.
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These days, I'm what you would call "comfortably single." I had roommates all through college and since then (going on 15 years now) I have enjoyed the freedom of living alone. I've only lived with one person long-term since then and it started to grate on my nerves within 6 months. I can't say that I won't ever be married, but I'm not out actively trying to make it happen.
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I got married on May 25, 2003, which was the 12th anniversary of our first date. When I was younger, I actually had a reverse goal about getting married...I didn't want to get married until I was at least 30. (I was 34 when I got married, so that's one goal I achieved. )
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
30yrs on my daughters 9th bday..... That is awesome. Hope there's many more.
Thank You My birthday is July 6. The reason we got married July 7 , I had to be 19 to get a marriage license
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I married my highschool sweetheart on October 3rd, 1981. I've been divorced for 20 years. I'd never marry again. I'm pretty sure I'll never get into another relationship again. I'll just stick to cats.
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I never really expected I'd get married, so it came as a bit of a suprise to me. I'd really not had much luck in relationships and met my husband about a month after I decided "to heck with this, I'll stay single." Funny how things work out sometimes.

We were married February 5th, 2005.
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It was September 14, 1985. That is the day DH's closet brother in age got married but many years earlier!!

For that hard to shop person-if they have a home get a gift cert at a area nursery or greenhouse so they can get plant material for their yard.

Or a good set of kitchen knives or just one or two really good ones.
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I got Married Dec 6th 2003 but we have been together since 1994.
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Not married here but living in the pocket of Kieran - we will have been together for 3 years on November 5th. I joke that the cats are our kids, he doesn't find it funny.
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I was 23 when I got married and 28 when we separated. I never wanted to get married growing up.

I have no desire to get married again, or even live with anyone. I love being on my own, having my own space and free to do whatever I like without thinking of someone else (and spending whatever I like on the cats )
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April 1, 2006. After being engaged almost 2 years I was tired of "when you getting married" from my co-workers and customers. April jumped out of my mouth and with sarcasm I picked the 1st. DH loved the idea and the following year we eloped to Jamaica. We started dating in 94 with some time off in the middle. We moved in together first. I was always big on that. Too many people I know divorced b/c they couldn't live together.
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Well, Snake Lady, I got married June 23, 1990! I was just 30 years old, as well.

We don't usually do gifts, except last year he gave me a camera to justify the golf clubs he bought himself. Oh, well, saved me a shopping trip...
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