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Cuteness warning and need help with Coffee's little sister's name

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Before Coffee grows up too fast, I want to give him a kitty friend. So today he got a little sister. I tried to ask the owner to keep the kitten with the mommy cat longer since the kitten is soooo small. However, he still insisted on giving all the kittens away. Anyway, do you help me with her name?? Could it be milk tea?

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Coffee and Tea....
Coffee and Sweetness....
Coffee and Mocha....
Coffee and Bailey(s)
Coffee and Creamy
Coffee and Milky

She's a cutie. How old is she?
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Only 4 weeks old. The owner has the mommy cat but didn't want to keep the kitten. Jeanie
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Tetley! Like the tea! Or Biscuit...coffee and biscuit.
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Awwwww, she's adorable. I like Biscuit, too. Although, milk tea is very yummy...that wasn't what you asked, was it?
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What about Chai? When I go to the local coffee house, sometimes I get chai tea! It's so sad that they couldn't keep that precious tiny baby longer.

I think Chai would be a good name for Coffee's sister! What do you think?
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I think I like two syllabus words for the name. I kind of want to think of a name to fit her color and personality. She has a very calm and mellow personality. Bisguit sounds yummy. Milk tea is a little hard to pronounce. How about Lattee, Moca, Cookie, or Mona lisa?

She already gets upset because everytime Coffee comes around her, he beats her with his paws with good strength. He also held her down. This little one was not giving up on fighting back also! Here I have questions. 1) Right now I put them in separate rooms since I am at work. When I comes home, I will let them meet again. I think Coffee thinks of her as a toy and is practicing his preying skills If they are beating each other again, should I intervene? How to help them get along sooner?

2) This little one still doesn't know how to use the litter box and urinate on my bed. She has already eaten wet can food. After eating, I put her on the litter box and used her paws to scratch the litter. When Coffee was using her litter box, I let her watched. She still didn't get it.
What else I can do to help her know how to use the litter box?

Thank you all for all the help! Welcome any more inputs for the name. It is hard to decide.
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She's a cutie! But soooo young! Shame on the person for not letting her stay with her mommy for at least a couple more weeks!

For litter training, I would suggest keeping her in one room with a litter box. Not your bedroom, unless you want her to use your bed as a toilet again. If there is no way to move her elsewhere, find something protective to cover your bed. I would also try some Kitten Attract litter. I would guess it takes time. Little ones are used to having their moms help them.

Someone else will know - at 4 weeks, are they able to pee/poop on their own, or would they still be being stimulated by mommacat?
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She is adorable! But it really is too bad that that lady wouldn't let her stay with her Kitty-mom longer.

Please post your questions about her in the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum. There are people there who have experience raising bottle babies and other aged orphans, which is essentially what you have with her. They would be the best to answer your questions and help you finish raising her like her mommy would do.

BTW, I like Latte for her name.
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Of your choices, I like Latte. Mate (Mah-tay) is a Brazilian tea. She is adorable.
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Latte would be good...

or how about Sugar? Coffee and Sugar?

4 weeks is entirely too young, but what's done is done... all in all, she is adorable!


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Sooooo adorable. How about Coffee and Tea Biscuit
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Too much cutness!!! Can't think.....

I like the name Ellie May for a female cat. Otherwise I like Latte if it needs to go with Coffee.
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I love the last picture She`s a sweetheart!
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how about biscotti
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Sorry to complicate things. I like Latte, Mocha, tea bisguit, and the brazillian tea (forget the name). However, I also thinks her color resembles Oreo. What do you think about that?
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I have no name ideas, but is she a cutie!!!!!
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I don't see oreo but what about Reese's like the PB cup?
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I like Latte! Good luck taking care of that sweetheart.
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Mate (Mah-tay) with an accent over the e is the Brazilian tea (rhymes with latte, actually). I like that or Latte to go with Coffee. I don't see Oreo either.
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Such cute kitteness!!! I like Latte with Coffee, but how about Au Lait? (with milk)
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I'm also a fan of Latte as a name.
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Originally Posted by LynneNY View Post
Such cute kitteness!!! I like Latte with Coffee, but how about Au Lait? (with milk)
Ooooh, I'm changing my mind. I like Au Lait. Then, you can say, Coffee Au Lait! Plus, Ole! (With the accent over the e).
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too cute.. I like latte or au lait.
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Lady Grey [like the tea]
Bubble [another tea]
Jasmine [another tea - i drink tea, can you tell ]
Yuanyang is a drink made from coffee & milk tea...
Chicory is a common ingredient in coffee served in Louisiana. it's very popular in New Orleans - i had some @ Café Du Monde w/my beignets.
different types of coffee? according to wikipedia, there are: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa, Mauritiania, Racemosa, Java, Kona, Columbian...
the berries of the coffee plant are call Peaberries - Peaberry might be cute...
Caffeine would be good if she were really energetic - & what kitten isn't?
Percolater, French Press, Espresso, Cappucino, Macchiato...
personally, i like Cream - but you said you preferred 2 syllables...maybe Leché?
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How cuute!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, boy.

Her pictures made my day. She's such a precious little baby.

Shame on the owner, though!

Some good ideas for names here. I'm sorry I don't really have any ideas, but I like Biscuit, Mocha, and Latte.
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Coffee and Cream!!!

We have two cats at the clinic I work at named Coffee and Cream. Now Coffee is a black DSH and Cream is a flame point siamese, so the names fit....but still! I love the pairing!
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Fantastic captures, quite sharp to boot! What a gorgeous subject!
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