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He reminds me of my Rocky! A real handsome handful.
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He is far too cute! Good luck with the litterbox training
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I WANT HIM! *cries*
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I love dat naughty boy! He`s puuurrrrttttee! 12 weeks,eh? My Alley is about that size;now I have a reference for age.Thanks! Very dapper cat!
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He pooped in the LB tonight when I put him in there about 9:30. That's a start.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! (I think that's enough w's) He looks like my handsome Hef!!
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Thats great news! Good boy Freddy he was finally ready!
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The poopie dance! good boy Freddy. What a little muffin!
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My house is like cat box city.....they're everywhere!

More pics - some of these going on Petfinder. He is *such* a doll. Cuddly, snuggly, purr-box. Annoying kitten, granted, but I would put him in just about any home (whereas like kittens like PJ & Punky would've killed children scrambling to get away).

I think he was trying to look past me here?

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Awwww look at that little button. He certainy looks confident
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OMGOMGOMG What an incredible sweetheart. I could eat him!
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Okay, I'm officially in love. He is seriously cute.
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He is a breeze to foster, too......he's running loose upstairs with the other kitties & dogs. I don't have to worry much about him getting into trouble. Worst he's done is gotten stuck in the garbage can. Now I've had other fosters who haven't gotten along with the kitties or dogs before, or who destroy stuff (Eden's kittens ). He's a dream baby!
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Oh my gosh. . .I LOVE his expression. I love him more and more every time you post pics. Something tells me he's going to stay in the kitten phase for much longer than he's technically a "kitten."
If he's missing tomorrow or anything, it wasn't me.
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Originally Posted by Mollysmom View Post
If he's missing tomorrow or anything, it wasn't me.
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And we're accident free for 2 days! Me following him like a hawk is paying off, he was loose in a portion of the house all day today (9AM until 10PM) without any accident....I've been over the house several times to ensure that. And I've seen him poop & pee a few times in the box.
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Oh man he is too cute! So incredibly photogenic, what a lovely boy

How's the litter box training going?
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Oh my, he is such a cutie!!! I hope your orther kitties learn to tolerate him. That is one of my biggest problem, my cats hate kittens, whenever I get a new kitten they get crazy and I have to keep them separated.
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Wow, Freddy is a STUNNER. His white tipped tail and stripey toes make me want to kiss him all over. Many for you and Freddy on encouraging good litterbox habits. It sounds like Freddy would make a nice family somewhere one awesome cat! So cute!
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