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Jake ate a firefly!

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He went out in the enclosed garden and it was full of fireflies. well he loves to chase bugs and I saw him jump up to catch the fly and it went right into his mouth. He went WILD as soon as it happened. He started to drool, shake his head as if trying to get rid of the fly or maybe the taste that it left and as he was shaking his head more drool was coming out of his mouth.. and he jumped around like crazy. He did this for 2-3 minutes. Then he settled down and everything is back to normal. I hope it's all good. Anyone know if fireflies are bad ?
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The chemicals they use to light up are toxic. Not to a degree that one firefly would cause a cat serious harm, but they could make a bird or herp very ill.

Those same chemicals also taste terrible, which is why Jake behaved the way he did. Hopefully he learned his lesson. If you've ever had a chance to look at one of the beetles under a light, they are black and red/orange - wild birds and herps learn what these colors mean pretty quickly and in the future you can probably safely assume any insects sporting such bright color can possibly be mildly toxic (or possibly a stinging insect like a wasp).
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LOL that's funny he's such a silly cat!!!!
I was worried but it has been over 3 hours and he's normal so I calmed down ...
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While I realize that it is a very scary situation, your description made me smile big time. I am glad that your cat is ok again. I have watched my cats regret eating regular house flys until the fly is dead, but never a reaction like that one.
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