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I'm going to be on tv and I need some board magic

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Wednesday morning local time (that's your Tuseday night) I'm going to be on national TV here in Israel talking about cats in the morning show. I have been on TV twice before but never live (have been live on the radio several times) and this time it's on the most popular channel in Israel. I'm pretty nervous - so much so I can't get much sleep tonight as I keep thinking about what I'm going to say. There's so much I want to get across! I'll be there as a cat behavior counselor (most people in Israel don't even know there is such a thing) and I want to promote the next course for behavior counselling which opens August. I also want to talk about the big problems the CWSI is having now with so many kittens being dumped there. I'll be bringing a kitten from the shelter with me and I'm hoping to encourage people to come and adopt cats and kittens. Of course, I want to talk about the importance of spaying and neutering as well. And there's always the subject of feral cats which is near and dear to my heart. I have a relatively long item - they told me 13 minutes, but I'm pretty stressed over the need to get so many messages across. I don't want to blow this one - cats get little public exposure here and this is a really valuable spot. I don't want to bombard people with too much information either - I need to focus on the main things and get them across. I know they're going to start asking me about weird cat behaviors as well - they'll be looking for what they thing is "curios" and funny... I don't mind being asked - I'm ready to answer any weird cat question I just don't want to lose the focus of the messages I want to get across.

Thanks Mary Anne for suggesting I post here. It's 2 AM and I'm up thinking about it. I sure could use some board magic when the show is on
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You've got Board Magik on the way Anne! What a fantastic opportunity for the cats of Isreal!!!

Remember Anne, just BREATHE!!!
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Wish my cable company was good enough to get the show!

You'll do fine, Anne.

About 4 weeks ago, I got called out of my lunch at school by my principal to say that the news was on their way to school, and she wanted me to speak on a set of huge budget cuts. (She then handed me a paper that outlined them...my first knowledge of them). About 15 minutes later, there they were. On top of that, I had to "ad hoc" appear that I was teaching in a 1st grade class that wasn't even mine (for part of the news clip). If I survived that, you will be a shining star!
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Oh Anne! That is so awesome! I'm sure you'll do fine & I'm sending lots of good vibes to ya!

Are you going to plug your wonderful creation TCS?
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Just think of all those cats in the shelters and how your being on the Israeli version of Good Morning America is going to impact in a positive way! Don't forget to breathe and just relax- with that kitten in your lap you could be just sitting at home-
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Some Icelandic Board Magic coming you way...((((((mmmaaaaagggggiiiiiccccccc)))))))))

Yes, remember to breathe!
And be calm, that would make me interested in the subject rather than listening to someone that is not calm (I mean that would get me interested in a subject other than cats, I am allready interested in that subject...I ment all the others, that maybe have not discovered the wonders of cats...)

Good luck!!!
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Board magic from Canada on the way!
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Good luck!
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What station!?!?! Be sure to mention Thecatsite.com! LOL!!!
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I wish I could see it! Even though I know you won't need it, Good Luck Anne!
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Board magic is on the way from Minnesota!

Anne, I just know that everything will be ok!
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Sending some board magic from Australia!

Remember, breathing is a good thing.
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YA ANNE!Prayers from NY
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Cool, laid back, California vibes on the way!
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Sending board magic from South GA. You will do great!!!!
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Anne, Good luck to you. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I will defintly be thinking of you tomorrow. You will do great! Try to get some sleep and don't forget to let us know how it went. Even Maddie and Tybalt tell me to tell you good luck!!
Have fun!
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Go, Anne, go. Wear blue - it shows up better, on TV.
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You'll be wonderful!
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Don't forget to set your VCR so you will have a copy of yourself!

Good Luck Anne!

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Wow - that is great! 2 things you may want to mention is how it is okay to be preggers and have cats - use yourself as an example. People love when you make it personal. Also mention the horrors of declawing. find out if the station has a website that you can post links to vital info, that way you can mention there website and just briefly touch many subjects.
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Good Luck Anne. I'm sure you'll be fine!!!
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I know you're going to do wonderfully Anne!

good luck!
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Ok Anne- I am praying that you are doing GREAT right now!!! She got up at 4:00 a.m to get ready guys and they were going to send a car for her! She is sooooooooo nervous!
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Oh MY GOD!!!!! I can't believe Im just reading this!!!
I missed it, I missed it, I missed it... Anne, I am sure you recorded it though, right? (*keeing my fingers crossed!*)

I hope it went well! The shelter sure can use any exposure, like you said!

I hope that would bring more people to the August course! (Im so glad Im going to be in it!)

I guess now you can sit back and relax, huh?
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Doggone it nunny! I was just coming in to read your review of the program and you missed it!

I just hope for the sake of the cats in the shelter that it all went well.

Hey Nunny? You ready for your adventure at camp?
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Hey Hissy... I can't believe I missed it... I had no idea Anne was on until just now! And I was the only one here able to actually watch it. I blew it big time!

Oh, and I am SO ready for camp! Im meeting the other two Israeli counselor that are joining me today. Im excited...

I have been gift shopping for a few days now, but I will do most of it on Friday, when I am finally off work!
hey Hissy, any special requests from the Holy land? (really!)

BTW, I informed my camp director to add "soap" to the shopping list for A&C!!
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Nunny? You know what I need? Seriously? CWSI Letterhead for special mailings? Can you scrounge some up and stick them in your suitcase and mail to me when you get in the states? Other that sticking Anne in your suitcase (her belly might not fit) I have no more requests-
But you are a sweetheart to ask!
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Oh, come on! give me something challanging!!

Sure no problem... Anne + mailing letterheads coming up!
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Ok- then bring me a piece of the Holy Land-
You can leave Anne at home, Isaac and Ron would miss her!
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Any news yet on how it went for Anne? Of course I know she did well, but I'm dying to hear what it was like!
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