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So the other day my husband and I were out of the house for about 12 hours. We had filled bowls and everything and made the bedroom comfortable for the kittens.

When I got home, Kinko was on the stairs as he usually is, I turned the corner and Chloe greeted me with her chirps. And then guess who pops out... Harley and Sasha! My husband forgot to close the bedroom door when he ran up to get his phone so the four of them spent the day together.

While I'll never know if they fought, all four looked fine and happy that evening when I got in. Also, when I walked in I noticed the litter box smelled a bit funny. Well I guess all four were using the same box all day because when I went upstairs there was nothing in their box.

So I think I can say, the introduction has gone well and the kittens are big enough to run around the house on their own. I'm a little sad because in a matter of weeks these babies have gotten so big. Harley is huge... HUUUUUUGE! And by huge I mean looooooooooooong. He is nearly a half size larger than his sister and I know this boy is going to be my big baby.

My question now is, what do I do about food? The older cats had been munching a bit on the kitten food - not interested but tasting. I'm not sure if the kittens have tried the adult food - probably. If I let them all run around together, is it kind of hopeless to keep them from eating each other's food? Should I mix the kitten and adult? Or should I just feed them in two separate rooms and put the food away when they are done? What I don't like about the last option is what do I do if I'm gone longer than I expect. I'll have very hungry babies when I get home.

EDIT: And my initial question that I forgot to ask... While this happened, should I still continue to keep them separated? While they didn't bite any of the wires downstairs, I'm keeping the kittens out of the way until I can get them all wrapped up. Since the four seem to be okay, should I just go ahead and let them wander, or at just under 4 months, are they still too little?

When the older two were 4 months I know I let them have run of the apartment, but it was a single floor, one bedroom 700 sq ft place. Now I'm living in a three story townhouse that's over 1200 sq ft. So I'm torn about if they should be let out.
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That is awesome that they all are getting along so well! It is very important to kitten proof your home before you open it up to them. Just because the older kitties get along with them, doesn't mean they will keep them out of trouble. Kittens will be kittens, and have a need to investigate and explore everything new!
Kittens also need a different diet then older cats. They have different nutritional needs for healthy development. I would recommend feeding them separate twice a day to insure a proper diet.
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