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Introducing Pepper--our new little girl

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Pepper is the latest addition to our home. She has actually lived here since the day she was born on April 20 of this year. But she officially came to live with us inside on June 12th. Her momma is still here and just one sibling is left, her adorable sister Sage, who if we didn't have three cats we would keep!

It has been quite an interesting week or so as she is getting used to living with two big brothers--or should I say her brothers are getting used to living with her.

Here she is-- (very few quality pictures are taken of the very active 9 week old kitten)

Playing with big brother Harley--getting his tail, while he tries to nap.

Trying to sneak a nap again? Wake up brother!!

Brother Jack doesn't like me very much can you tell from the evil look he gives me?

Yum, dinner with the big boys!

Enjoy my precious girl!

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She is adorable
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She is cute
I have that same cat book that is on your floor.
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Awwww, she is sooo cute! Her tail is almost as big as her body!
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Thanks for the compliments! We are enjoying her--most of the time--having a kitten is a lot of work, Harley is our kitten-sitter though.

She is going to be a fur ball just like the other two--I'm a sucker for the fuzzy butt. And yes she is going to have quite the tail on her. She doesn't know it yet though, she is just gaga for her brother's tail and all its fluff.

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Aw, Pepper is a sweetie. So, Harley is patient with her, and Jack--not so much? I love the last pic because you can see how little she still is.
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What a cutie! She's a handfull, I bet!
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Pepper is a cutie
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I Pepper's fluffy tail and the white around her little eyes. She is a sweet little girl. I'm so glad you kept one of Ginger's kittens!
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What a fluffy little sweetheart!
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Thanks--yes Harley is very patient with her--Jack has no tolerance for her as of yet. But he was much the same way when Harley joined us.

We'd love to keep two of Ginger's kittens but we just can't have more in the house--we love baby Sage, shes the only one left.

Yes, we love the fluff here--God help us--I had to buy a new vacuum when Pepper joined us, I realized we could no longer live in the world of bagged vacuums with all the fur here.

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