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my 6 month old cat has bad diarreah

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we just moved into a new house with 4 cats and we have two litter boxes. And one is having major diarrhea for a couple days now. he was born with a stub for a tail and i dono if that effects any thing but he has never had this problem before. i dono if its the stress frome the move or change in diet but i have tried when he wakes up to carry him to the cat box and this last time he went all over me.. its like he cant hold it in and i dono what to do please help, i dont have alot of money so im seeing if there is any home remedies but if not i will take him t a vet.
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First of all, make sure he's getting plenty of water--he needs to replace all that liquid that's coming out. If he'll drink lightly salted water, or even canned broth, the salt will also help maintain his fluid levels. (I still think it mostly works by making them thirsty, but, whatever works!)

There are plenty of things that can cause the squirts that clear up on their own, not the least of which (since you just moved) being different mineral content in the tapwater, which is harmless in the long run but not always easy to adjust to. It might or might not affect the other cats (or humans) too; some digestive systems are just more sensitive to that kind of thing. If he's eating, drinking, and his energy level is good, you can probably wait a few days to see if it clears up. If it lasts or he has other symptoms, vet time.

Also, I've heard that the usual rule for litter boxes is one per cat plus one. Two for four cats--well, I've heard of worse, but if you had more boxes, he'd be more likely to be close to one when he needed to go, so, more likely to get there in time.
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First off, the only person that will give you a true diagnosis is a vet. And it could be a million other things then what I'm about to say.....but....

Sounds like you're describing manx syndrome. Basically, cats born with little or no tail can have weakened or nonexistent nerves around the last few vertebrae in the back. This can cause all sorts of problems, including inability to control bowels or urine. Other than treating symptomatically (meds to firm up stools) or very radical and expensive surgery, there is no cure. If he begins losing control of his urine, this can cause even bigger problems. Urine scald (basically the PH of the urine scalds the skin around the genitals causing sores and eventually infection) is inevitable. Many cats with manx syndrome end up being put to sleep simply because they're so miserable.

Manx syndrome often manifests around the 6m-1yr mark, simply because as their organs grow, meaning their bladder and intestines, they can no longer have full control over them. Now there are many varying degrees of this. So possibly just dealing with the mess or making him an outside baby would work for you. But maybe not....

I don't want to alarm you, but the fact that you say he seems to have no control over it makes me think it's more serious than stress diarrhea or a parasite or any of the innumerable things diarrhea can mean. You're next step is definitely going to the vet. A physical exam and an x-ray will be able to determine if it is indeed manx syndrome.

At the clinic where I work we have a clinic cat named Jack with manx syndrome. Absolutely the sweetest most tolerant cat you will EVER meet. At the moment, his symptoms are manageable. Just cleaning up little urine dribbles and accidents and the occasional bout of bad diarrhea.... But he's only 7 months old, so it's most likely he will worsen. And most likely we will have to put our sweet, handsome man to sleep.

Anyway, sorry it was long. But I'd definitely get him checked out and talk to your vet. Keep us updated and best of luck to you and your boy!!
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thank you so much! i make sure he drinks water and is hydrated. we tried him outside and he loved it outside so he might have him as a outside cat. and we are trying to makes it to where 2 cats are out side and 2 are in but they just needed to get use to where they are. it seemed to be getting better a little last night but i will have to see when i get home but i will keep you guys updated! thank you
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