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Cheese Chaser

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I just got a cheese chaser for my babies.

Mama had a blast playing with the thing, and the kitties just sat and watched

So how the heck do you get them to actually run around and chase it? (Especially my Swanie, who definitely needs the exercise).
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Can't get a cat to do anything it doesn't find interesting. Sprinkle cat nip? One of my cats could care less about the thing, but the other two love it.
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whats a "cheese chaser"
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Originally Posted by BBDOLL22 View Post
whats a "cheese chaser"
LOL! I was just about to ask the same thing. Sounds interesting!
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It is a ball that the cat can bat around a track. Endless hours of fun. Just keep it out of reach when you are trying to sleep as it is NOISY! Some have stratching material on the inside of the circle with the ball running around it. (I believe those are called "turbo scratchers") Mine has a toy sticking out of the top of it, but the cats never play with that part of it.
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Actually, this is the cheese chaser I was referring to

They were both interested, but only in watching it from different angles and positions, not in actually chasing it

I had fun with it though
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I thought it was the other thing. I think its called a cheese chaser also. That looks like fun though!
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