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Sylvester needs vibes

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There's a wonderful kitty at out shelter named Sylvester. He has a bad URI. Yesterday morning when I got to the shelter he sneezed a couple of times. Then through out the day he was getting worse & worse. He started to gag on post nasal drip. Then we could hear him breathing across the room. Then he started mouth breathing. 10 mins with the nebulizer, sub-Q fluids & injectable antibiotics had him looking a little better by the time I went home. He must have been a lot worse this afternoon because he is on his way to the vet. Of coarse he has a pending adoption with some wonderful people. He deserves a good home. Please send lots of vibes for a speedy recovery for Sylvester so that he gets the home he so deserves.

Come on Vester boy your new family is waiting for you.
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Poor baby! Sending lots of and prayers for a speedy recovery.
Get better Sylvester so you can go to your new home!
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Mega vibes to Syl, he deserves a nice home!
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I found out yesterday that when he went to the vet his temp was 105. They were keeping him overnight.
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How awake today the baby my friend?..
I Hope better...
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Just got word from the shelter director that Vester is doing better this morning. He will be staying at the vet again today to make sure he is OK & they will be running blood work.

Please keep those vibes coming. There is some fear that this is FIP.
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I'm so glad he's doing better, but I'm sending lots of vibes! C'mon - you need to go home!

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Get better sweet kitty
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His temp was 102.7 yesterday, much better than the day before. The vet was still having to force feed him, so they kept him again last night.
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Many many Prayers and for little Sylvester
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Looks like he's feeling a little better today, but the vet still wants to keep him. Keep those vibes comming. Now I just hope that the home we had lined up still works out. Sometimes a serious URI scares people away.
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for his continued improvement, and that the people still want him.
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Thank you all so much for your vibes. I realized today that I forgot to give you an update. Sylvester is doing much better. 4 days at the vet & several days of after care have him back to his sassy, fun loving self. Unfortunately, his new home fell through. I'm not sure exactly what happened only that the people never called back about him. It is unfortunate, but a new home will be along soon and until them he will remain our Vester boy.
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