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If I could have some vibes/support, I would appreciate it.  

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I know I post alot, don't normally ask for but in this case I am.

In regards to this post:

If you could spare a vibe/thought/prayer/support for Pax, and me because I am so scared, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you...
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Lots and lots of vibes for Pax!
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Oh No!.. poor Pax......
I figured you feel so bad my friend...
Of course, count with my good wishes and my prayers too...

....................... .
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Lots of vibes and prayers coming Pax's way.
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on their way.
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Oh NO! I have been looking at your posts about the 2 new kitties.. I'm sorry you're going thru some trouble with Pax..

For Pax to have a speedy recovery and that this is not something serious.

& more : That the other two are healthy and do not catch whatever Pax has.

ETA: Please keep us updated on Pax.. I will be thinking of him.
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Of course, plenty of coming your way from Texas!
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Prayers and vibes coming to you and all of your fur family
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For Pax
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Oh honey he is going to be alright.... He will, you will see.... Many many many and hugs for both of you
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Thank you all.... I truly appreciate it. I've been having a rough time as of late, and this has hit me harder than it normally would. (not saying it wouldn't hurt normally, just that it wouldn't affect me like it is)
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Lots of for Pax!
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Poor baby Pax! Lots and lots of healthy for him and the other two!
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Sending you lots of vibes for Pax and the other two kitties. Its tough to see them in distress and unable to make them feel better.

Hoping for the best......
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definitely mega vibes coming your way

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Sending many vibes and prayers for Pax
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for both you and pax!
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OMG! I feel like such a butt head for not seeing this thread and responding sooner!!!!!! I can't imagine what you are going through right now........
My prayers and for your kitties and especially Pax!
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Oh no. Many for you and Pax and for your other kitties not to get sick. I hope he is okay.
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Oh hun, i am so sorry. I will be thinking of you and your babies and sending lots of your way.
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Of course.

for what is going on that is making it harder,

for Pax,

for all the kitties,


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Pax has bronchial pneumonia. If he doesn't turn around by tomorrow, the vet recommends he be euthanized.

Chris can't post right now, but thanks everyone for their good thoughts and continued vibes for little Pax!


Just sending more vibes to Pax AND to you, Chris.

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Aw, poor little sweetheart! Sending lots of for Pax and for Chris.
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Poor baby! More and prayers coming for little Pax and his meowmy!
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Plenty of coming for Pax and a big for you, Chris.
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Chris, I usually don't pray, as I am not religious, but this got me praying today... I hope he gets at least a little better by tomorrow... Please please Pax, stick around for your mommy and brothers... We are all thinking fo you both Chris, many hugs, and many vibes...
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Hoping Pax gets all our vibes and is better tomorrow. Hang in there little one!!
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Sending many vibes for Pax!

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