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New member - Need advice

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We have three cats, and two are very well adjusted to all the family members. However, my youngest girl, Ginger, refuses to even come within 5 feet of anyone except me. My kids and husband and super calm and encouraging to her, but still no success. I have no idea what I'm doing differently to make her like me, but she's super friendly with me, even sleeping w/me and being my lap cat.

Will/can this ever change? My son *really* wants to win her over and is sad that he's been unable to so far.

Thanks in advance!
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What I've read from cat behaviorists is for your son to take it slowly and positively, but he should be the one handing out any and all food and treats, if you can manage that in the household - and letting kitty come to him.

Maybe if he just sits in the same room as this kitty, reading out loud in a calm quiet voice and sort of 'ignoring' her, she might get more curious about him - especially if he becomes 'food provider'.

I know, it's hard - I'm the only human in my household, and my girl absolutely has never sat in my lap, or seemed at all happy if I pick her up - but she does at least follow me from room to room.
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I brought in 2 feral kittens they were about 4 months old. They wouldn't let me near them I had to trap them and bring them to the Vet and got them fixed. They even wrote on the file "wild one". Well I sat on the floor with them in one room and just swung a rubber spider on a string back and forth to play with them they never came near me but they would try to hit the spider when it went over to them. I talked softly to them. We did that every day for a while and gradually got much better. When I took the boys back to the Vet the Vet said, "if she didn't know better she would have thought they were 2 other cats", they calmed down so much. Time will help a lot. Good luck.
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Usually food will win them over. Keep trying. I've known cats that were just afraid of most people (for whatever reason in their little minds) and trusted very few.

You can't make them like you. You have to just accept them the way they are. We have 3 cats (2 purebred, one domestic). They each have their own personality. The youngest is the shyest with new people (and he's a show cat!). The middle one is probably the most friendly.

Sometimes you just have to work awhile with them Maybe in time your cat will be a little more friendly to all members of the family.
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