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Time Travelers Wife!

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Did anyone here read the book? It is FINALLY coming out as a movie! With Eric Bana (yum) and Rachel Mcadams (who I think is perfect for this part). I am sooooo excited! I am not sure when it is being released but sometime this year. Woopee!!

Here is the link to the trailer!
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August 14, 2009 is the release date for Canada and the of my best friends gave me this book for Christmas and I enjoyed it tremendously, but had a very different take on it than she did. I am very interested to see how the movie plays things out!
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I read it so long ago I am sure I won't be nitpickey over the screenplay. Can't remember details. All I remember is that I really liked the book and thought it would be interesting to see it developed into a screenplay. I know how some things just don't convert to screen very well and therefore need to be changed or rearranged. I do however remember enough to be quite happy with who they choose for the lead roles. Very happy!
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Nope didn´t read the book my friend...
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Do you like time travel? It is also a love story. It's kinda strange because the husband can time travel and can meet his wife when she is a young child. It's not gross though. You have a few months before the movie releases in theatres to read it.
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I was trying to remember what story this reminded me of. I could remember the author's first name was Robert, had worked as a janitor, and the story but not his full name or the story's title. After much searching I found it, Robert F. Young - The Dandelion Girl. If people like this theme they may like this story as well as Richard Matheson's Bid Time Return.
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Thanks for the referrals! I love finding out about new books!
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I LOVED this book! Couldn't put it down! I excited to see the movie.
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Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
I LOVED this book! Couldn't put it down! I excited to see the movie.
I am excited too!

btw: Your cats are BEAUTIFUL! Including little Milo
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My boyfriend and I went to see a movie on Saturday and there was a poster for TTW outside of our theatre. I was so excited to finally see that the movie was coming out (it's been made for a while, but they postponed the release significantly. I got excited again when I left the theatre!
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I adore Rachel McAdams. After seeing the trailer, I am going to have to read the book to prepare for the movie!
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I really like Rachel Mc Adams also. I find her very natural.

I actually don't want to read the book before the movie. I cannot remember specifics about the book and just want to enjoy the movie on its own merits. But I will reread it AFTER to than see what they changed and if they CAPTURED the book well.
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