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blood in stool :(

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Hey all,

I don't write here often since my little kitty, Shadow, been in great shape until now, but I do like to read the posts and have learned a lot from this site.

I noticed that Shadow had blood in her stool 3 weeks ago (just a drop of bright red blood, no mucus), and it's been happening consistently since then. I've taken her to the vet several times, and he's been pretty dismissive about it. He has taken xrays, blood tests, and fecal tests, and they have all been negative. The only thing I've left to do is an endoscopy, which I'm just called the vet to get a referral for.

Shadow is about 13 years old, and pretty healthy otherwise. She seems normal in her behavior, eating and drinking habits.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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Your vet probably isn't concerned because a bit of blood in the stool can be just an indication of minor irration in the bowel. I don't think it should be persistent though. If the blood is always or almost always present I would be worried.

What is her stool like? Is it solid and well formed or soft and pudding like? My Coco had blood in her stool when she had chronic loose stools.
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Caponey had blood in his stool once when he was a kitten. I freaked out of course and actually got into an argument with my Vet because she kept saying he didn't have blood in his stool. It turned out she meant (Communication occasionally gets lost on me in a french community) that the blood was not from him internally, but from irritation around his where his feces comes out of his butt (sorry, i don't recall the name of that).

I went to another Vet to confirm, and she said the same thing. Since its been three weeks i would get another opinion. I would be concerned just because its been three weeks. Caponey only had it for 2 days.
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Thanks all for your responses. Her stools are normal, not too hard, not too soft. the blood is always present with each bowel movement. I wasn't too concerned initially either, but since it's been so long, I'm getting more worried.

I have an appointment with an internal medicine specialist tomorrow for a possible endoscopy. I guess he has to examine her first, which is fine. I can't give her food for 24 hours, which is going to be a nightmare...
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Prayers and for Shadow
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Thanks Aswient, for the prayers. We will need them for the next few months. Unfortunatly, the endoscopy revealed a mass in Shadow's colon. I won't know if it's cancer or not until Friday or Monday, and I'm really hoping it is not, but it doesn't look good according to the vet.

Shadow is my first cat. I used to think of myself as a dog person until I met this amazing little cat. Now I see myself as a cat person who loves dogs and other animals. So this has been very very difficult.

If anyone else here has had an experience with colon cancer/tumors, I'd really appreciate it it if they could share their experiences. I'm not sure what to expect.
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I'm sorry I have no advice. I just wanted to send lots of for you and Shadow!
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I'm so sorry - normally a bit of bright blood sporadically isn't all that worrisome (either in humans or cats, or so I've been told by internist and vet) - but I'm so sorry you didn't get good news for your baby. Prayers that you will get better news later this week.
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