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Please vote for me!

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Hi cat fans and friends

I recently entered web design contest for a large company. They're now holding a vote on which site their visitors like best. It would mean the world to me if you could vote for my design!

Please click here:

And press the button above choice three.

Thank you for your support!!

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you got my vote, good job ! and WELCOME!!! to our site!!

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Thank you so much!!

Please keep 'em coming!
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Mission accomplished! I voted for your design because it is the best one! I'm so tired of white, white, white. It kills my eyes. Whomever decided "white" should be the background for every damned thing on the inter-net should have her or his eyes wired open and be required to stare at a blinding white light for, say, ten years.

I'm glad you're not from the Great White School of Design. I also hope you're not from the Great Black School of Design, which dictates black backgrounds everywhere plus (I'm not kidding folks) dark print on top. Your design is pleasing, easy to read and is by far the best one there.

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Ya got my vote, too!
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Thank you all for your support!

I too am tired of white backgrounds! I get a lot of inspiration out of magazine advertisements. Why? Because they get the point across, and they do so without giving you a headache :p So I patterned my design in a magazine ad-type way.
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I think what you're up against, in regard to design, is the fact that most of the gate-keepers on the inter-net haven't an artistic bone in their bodies! They're basically geek/nerd types, who are very intelligent when it comes to technical matters but who (in the main) don't really care about consumers except in the most abstract way — as a nuisance they must bamboozle in order to continue with their plans for inter-net supremacy.

Hence, your magazine-inspired design looks foreign to them. They're in a rut, wherein anything looking "different" must be "on the wrong track." There's some sort of monitor-screen imprinting on their brains which precludes their appreciating effective artistic design.

Hopefully, the next generation of inter-net gate-keepers will be more well-rounded in their educations and perspectives; but I wouldn't bet on it. (What's needed are more riot grrls and fewer geeks.) You're in a tough arena; and I wish you the very best of luck!

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