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Don’t you just hate falling in love with a baby you probably can’t get?

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Ahhhhh, so sad. I fell in love with a puppy I probably can never get. He is a 6 year old Lab/Shepherd about 90+ lbs, he looks identical to Bruno, acts like Bruno, is calm (probably due to age and hugeness) and he loves to cuddle with me. He is just like my Bruno except literally twice the size.

They say he doesn’t bond well with people…. But he did with me. I have seen him twice already and yesterday we put him in the dog run (SPCA dog) and he would get distracted and every time he saw me and realized I was there he would do a really goofy skip and a jump and run all sloppily and goofy (I don’t think he knows his size) straight to me, I would crouch down with my arms open and he would run right into them and I would fall down because he’s so huge. Then he would give me his head, his bum, his back, his belly and his face for face kisses and body scratches.

They also say he is horrible to walk and doesn’t recommended small people or children to walk him. I brought my boyfriend and he walked him first just in case, he he seemed happy enough, pulling just a bit. So I took him and he was fine, he pulled just a little bit but once I corrected him, he was corrected immediately. He would look at me with his goofy massive head, tongue sticking all slobbery out of his mouth and walk all handsomely beside me.

I swear, in my entire life I have never seen such a dumb, goofy looking dog, it just makes him so cute!

I had a Rottie the same size of him once and I know all about how important exercise and proper diet is to a large dog. We went through 5 or 6 surgeries with him to correct his legs. This SPCA dogs legs scare me. They have absolutely no muscle tone. I have been around dogs my entire life from old to young and I have never seen a dogs butt and legs so floppy, its very much like jello. I made a vow that I will walk him at least 3 times a week if I cant have him. At least give him so muscle tone so his legs don’t get screwed.

I am going today. Ill get some vids for you guys.
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I finally had to stay away from shelters and shelter websites as my heart cannot take it anymore. He sounds so lovely. I love goofy loveable dogs like that.
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I have a tendency to torture myself by looking at Greyhounds on I know I can't have one right now, but I insist on looking.
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Oh dear… this dog has just sunk his cute little claws into my heart. Yesterday I went to visit him and ended up spending a good hour with him. I took him to the Dog run and played with him, I threw the ball for him and he was running around all goofy, tripping over his own feet, shaking the ball in his mouth really awkwardly and slowly…. Boy is he ever cute and silly looking.

I sat on the ground and he came over to me and I grabbed his humongous head and gave him a huge head hug. He moved away, eyes all wide, shook his head, looked at me for a few seconds, and then slammed his head into my stomach, looking up at me all babyish. We sat there for a good 10 min with me just hugging his huge head, him half sitting on my lap, half laying down on the ground (hard to explain, he’s so huge). Then he wanted to play again, but he still wanted to cuddle. He would run around with his ball, of course tripping all over himself, then run to me and shove his head into my stomach for a head hug and ear scratches. After about 35 min of this I took him for a walk and he was amazing. SPCA warns about controlling him and how horrible he is on walks. Ya, sure he pulled my arms out but once I corrected him he was good, we spent probably 80% of that walk with a slack leash.

Here comes the sad part. I had to bring him back to his crate. I put him into his crate but the only problem is because he is so huge when he is horizontal to the crate his bum and tail and head are against the side of the cage. When he took a drink of water the dog next to him (which was half the size of him, if not smaller) started attacking him, snarling and growling and managed to barely, but just got a little bit of tail hair, bit him. He looked at me with wide eyes and started crying, so I laughed at him and he wagged his tail and I crouched down, gave him a head hug and he sat there crying. My eyes are watering just thinking about it. I gave him hugs and sweet talk for a few min and then left that poor little guy looking at me walk away.

Oh my gosh…. This is so sad for me.
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It sounds like he's absolutely ment for you. What's the reason why you can't just adopt him?

Money? time? compatability with your existing pets? or something else. I.e. do you think it's something that could be worked on and overcome?

Anyway sending good vibes your way. He sounds adorable.
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Ugh....I feel ya on this one. My heart is bigger than my house and wallet!!!
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We actually can afford one more pet and we have the room and the time. My boyfriend just doesnt want one at the moment. His limit is one dog and one cat, we have over extended his limit by two cute kitties.

We are talking about a guy who has never owned an animal before and somehow got talked into getting 4 *Innocent look*.

I tried to convince him but i am thankful for the ones i have so i wont push him, he is just not ready. He promised me another dog, but in the future.

I am happy to say that the dog i fell in love with got adopted yesterday. I got a little teary eyed as i spent a lot of time with him but over all i am happy. I hope he found a great home.
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That's very good to hear that he found a home!!

DH sent me an e-mail the other day that simply said "can we get her?" with a picture attached. The human society that his company supported with a fundraiser visited his office with dogs and cats the other day. He fell in love with a female puppy. We have 3 dogs and 10 cats and I said NO. He was very sad when he came home from work that night. For once, I'm the one that reminded him that we are at our limit.
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DH does this with kittens in pet shops. He's always stopping to "just look at the kittens." Yeah, right. I believe him!
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