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Daily Thread Monday June 22nd!

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Wow, it is a perfectly gorgeous day, and it's supposed to be like this all week! The wedding day is supposed to be this way too!

I am working today and tomorrow, and then taking the rest of the week off to make sure I am ready for the wedding. I need some time off anyway

Meeting my mom at Costco tonight so I can take advantage of her membership there to buy the candy for our candy buffet!

Anyhoo, have a great day peeps!
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Well, I'm glad you're having better weather than we are. It feels like the entire world is moldy and we get heavy rain every 2-3 hours. When it's not raining, the sun is out and it feels like a sauna. Not much to say about my day. I started work at 6:30 and I'll work until about 1:30, then head to the gym. I'm thinking I might snag a pizza on the way home and then I have a 2 hour class at 5. I'll work on homework tonight and then probably read for a bit until bedtime.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Wow, it is a perfectly gorgeous day, and it's supposed to be like this all week! The wedding day is supposed to be this way too!
same here for weather.....highs in the mid to high 20's. Is your wedding outside?


Only 2 major things on my list today. Take Pax to the vet and I have physio.

Aside from that, I might curl up outside and read....try to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Crap, I also have to figure out what to give my hubby for our anniversary tomorrow.
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Morning All!!

Going to be a scorcher here today.

Heading out shortly, have a doctors appointment then a couple of errands to run.
Think I will just spend the afternoon lounging on the deck.

Nothing special planned for tonight, just the usual TV and puttering at the computer.

The kitties are sitting in the window watching the neighborhood activities.

Everyone have a good day.
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summer is finally here!
hope it stays gorgeous and sunny for your wedding, Nat!
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning.. Happy Summer! No "June Gloom" today which is nice; when it's dark and grey, even if no rain, it's so hard to get out of bed. Today was easy though because I had to give Genever her pill, with the help of BF.. what an event. Poor kitty.

Anyway should be a busyish day at work, but nothing planned for the evening, just some relaxing tonight i think.

Have a good day!
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Hello All!!

It took longer to complete a couple of customer invoices (handwritten as desktop PC is still out of commission) this morning and then I had to replant some sweet corn and do some weeding in the veg garden as well as housekeeping tasks! So by time that was all done I had to get ready for work.

It was a fun day too with my former co-worker of course not there. But about 45 minutes before quitting time I sliced my pinky finger by the nail cutting a sample of a bread for a customer. Still bleeding an hour ago and its throbbing too. Just great.....

Anyhow picked up some fresh shrimp and sauteed them in garlic butter for dinner!

Neil's outside watering and the cats are out too.

The dewpoints are rising as its supposed to reach 91F tomorrow. So I shut up the house this morning and have about 4 fans running. I'm sure the house will be much hotter tomorrow-just want to try to keep the humidity outside.

Just being a vegetable for the rest of the eveining!!
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