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my client's cat is kittening

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I knew this was going to happen. Her previous cat that she let be indoor/outdoor and unspayed had two kittens. That mama took off (smart cat) and my client kept the two kittens. They are male and female and both unfixed....well...duh! She's surprised the cat was pregnant. Keep in mind my client is mildly developmentally disabled and for some reason she was convinced no matter what I said that they would not breed because they are siblings. I haven't had a chance to go over yet, but when she called me the new mama wasn't cleaning the kitten. Not exactly sure what to do if I do go over there. Things are tight for me with wedding planning and I know this woman has no money for a vet. The landlord told her months ago she couldn't keep the cats but she did now she's going to be in even more trouble with him...and want me to fix it. This woman feeds her cats and dog what ever she is eating, she hasn't purchased any cat food for months. I'm really afraid of what I'm going to find when I go over there.
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She should not have cats.
The kittens will be inbred now.
See if you can take the cats away from her and find them good homes.
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I've tried to find them new homes, but no one has bitten yet and now it's kitten season and no one wants an adult that has never been to the vets. I wish there was something more I could do. I can't bring them to my house with our boys as they are not very social and we are at the max the landlord will allow. I feel really helpless in this situation.
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I know its hard.
I have been offered so many kittens and have had to say no.
Even the ladies that work at the vets have offered me cats.
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Any way you can help her to get them all fixed? She shouldn't have pets but sometimes there's nothing you can do about that, just prevent them from reproducing. I've been in that situation before and all you can do is help to minimize the damage.
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Drats! It's as bad as I thought it would be. I went over there a little while ago. The mama had had 2 so far and both of them have deformed back legs. I wasn't too nice to her about it because we do have a very good low cost clinic here that I have offered to bring her cats to, but she spends her money on cheetos and mountain dew.

All I can figure is for me to call animal control in the morning and see what options they can give me at this point. If the landlord finds out her cats are breeding he will evict her so fast her head will spin.


I feel so helpless because I just don't have the extra to help her out and these kittens are going to suffer for it.
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I am so sorry - I agree, this lady shouldn't have intact cats... IMO if animal control goes there, all these cats will meet a fate of death, especially considering the deformed legs.
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I'm so very sorry to hear this,Not much can be done about the back legs,But in some cases animals with disabilities can live happy lives,But she might want to keep the kittens and then it will be even worse.
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Originally Posted by Lacy's Mommy View Post
I'm so very sorry to hear this,Not much can be done about the back legs,But in some cases animals with disabilities can live happy lives,But she might want to keep the kittens and then it will be even worse.
That's my fear. IF the kittens live she will want to keep them too and it will spiral out of control. The mama had one more either last night or this morning and it was either still born or died within minutes. My fiancee went over and buried it a little while ago.

I know if I call animal control they will all be euthanized, but I just don't know what else to do.
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Is there any rescues in you area that take in animals with disabilities?They need there mom right now,But when there old enough to be homed you could always tell her that your going to take them to the vet and just have her believe that they had to be put down??I know that sounds horrible and im not trying to effend anyone,But it is in the cats best intrest.

Let me know how things go,How badly are the legs deformed?Is there any possible way they could walk?
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In what way are the kittens' legs deformed? Sometimes kittens are born with bent or twisted legs, but they straighten out with time and exercise. They can end up totally normal.
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When I last saw them on the day they were born they had their back legs a little deformed, the feet were turned under so if they stood on them they would be walking on the tops. I have to bring her laundry back over in a little while and I'll get another chance to look at them, they will be three days old now. Hopefully they will outgrow it. Poor babies.
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Poor little babies. I do hope you can find them homes. It's really hard during kitten season, but if you look hard enough sometimes you'll find that special person or place.
In the meantime do you think you can look for clinics and shelters that will do low cost/free spays? I looked around my city for them and found a few places that do them, so now I can refer people when they need a place like that here. The local humane society does them free, and there are two other places who spay and neuter at very low cost, about $10-30 for each cat. You could try calling around in your area.

Good luck with everything, I know how frustrating, exasperating, and sad these kinds of situations can be.
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I wanted to say I had to tell the old owner of Echo she was FLv +.

She kept calling saying she wanted her back which the Houston SPCA took the rest of her animals right after I got Echo. I am the one that called them.
Anyway Echo was mine but this lady kept calling abd hurrassing me so I finally told her that Echo had to be put down and she could not have one of the kittens.

Anyway we ended up putting Echo through foster with the galveston humane society so everyone could be spayed or neutered before adoption.

I would take them then tell the lady everyone had to be put down do to illness. It sound harsh but its in the best interest of the cats
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It's worse than I thought. Both kitten's back legs are in bad shape. I don't know if they will ever walk. This is soooo frustrating!
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Deep breaths...some cats get around with no back legs at all. Worst case scenario, they'll need those wheeled contraptions for their back halves and they'll develop insanely strong front legs from having to pull themselves around everywhere. That's not so bad!
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My client's son and his girlfriend are coming down on Monday and taking the kitties and momma. The GF is a vet tech and has the ability to get braces for the babies, Momma will be spayed and the kitties will all have an acre and a half to live on. Good outcome all the way around.

Since the Tom is staying my fiancee and I will help get him Neutered, that's only 40.00 at the local low cost everything will work out fine.
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