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Facial grooming of the humans

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Can someone explain this behavior to me?

Tiny came home from getting spayed Friday (yay) and today just a bit ago I was laying on the couch. And Tiny ran up there hopped on my chest and started grooming my whole face and my hair. Then she stopped and laid down on me.

What does it mean when they do this?
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I U... Or, I forgive you for dragging me to the cat torture place...
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I told hubby when he came home and he said I just got promoted to momma.
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My 12 year old male cat that I have had since a baby licks my nose all of the time. For years I thought it was so wierd until I mentioned it to the receptionist at the vets office. Her response was that he thinks of me as family. He is grooming me. He trusts me.

8 years ago I took in a stray 6 month old female kitten. Bishop always grooms her face. Whenever he starts licking himself she will run over and put her head in front of his face so he will start licking her head. And if I come over while he is licking her he will start to lick my nose.
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Angus will groom my husband and I if we let him. I foolishly let him persistently groom my eyebrows one morning as I thought he was just being affectionate (which I think he was). It did however severely irritate my skin there and the area actually lightly scabbed over by the next day, so Angus has to express his affection other ways or he is allowed to just give a lick or two then distract him with petting.
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I have one "bottle baby" who is now 10 years old, and she loves to give "kisses" on the nose, and wherever else she can get to, lol. If she's really sappy, it turns into a full blown washing, and you'd better sit still!

Butterbean will give a me a face washing first thing in the morning (on my pillow) if her food bowl is empty- this just started this year, and she's almost 13! I have no clue... :P
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