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Whining for rubs

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My 9 month old, Dory, whines for rubs on her ears and along her jawline. Is this normal? Is she just seeking attention? She's my Greta Garbo cat, usually hangs out by herself. Her sister, Josie, is the alpha cat and is the one who will sit with me and follow me around.

Having said that, I wonder if it's a health issue? Like something is itching? Her ears are spotless and her fur in the areas noted look fine. Aside from whining for rubs, she will rub those areas on me and any other object such as a shoe or corner of a wall.
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She just wants some loves that's all. Jack does the same. He'll jump on my lap while letting out a cry and pushes his head into my hands so i'll tickle his ears and neck.

He loves it when i rub along the side of his mouth as well. He purrs up a storm and closes his eyes

When she's rubbing herself on things it's her putting her scent on it
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That's what I have read but since Dory seem so insistent, I wondered if she has a health issue. I'm happy to give into the loving
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Jack's very insistant, and when the light goes out at bedtime he'll push and push his nose into my hand until i start scritching him.

I think it sounds perfectly normal what she's doing, but if your concerned have a word with the vet to put your mind at ease
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